Year: 2018

Grins & Wins

The last few weeks have been simply….. weird. It’s been quiet, things are going our way, and we are finally able to get back on our feet. We are now in this transitional, fluid, healing place and frankly, its uncomfortable

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Pissed off & Closure, Finally

What a summer! I can tell you it has been a ride for sure. Chloe, the pups, and I had a journey of a lifetime and I am grateful its almost over. DC was AMAZING and although I did not

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Freedom within

I simply love to travel. I love seeing parts of the US that most won’t ever see as they just hurry through life. I cant say that flying isn’t wonderful at times but I really want to LIVE and not always

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What true Beauty is

I woke up this morning in Panic. A feeling that I have been quite accustomed, too for most of my life. I realized after waking up a bit more, that it was all going to be just fine. The coolness

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  HACKED!! A very bored person hacked into our server. So, everything here will be new. I will post as I can old Blogs, but I am focused on moving Forward. I have been blogging for a few years now

Hello world!

Rustie MacDonald Author, Speaker, Producer and International Radio Talk Show host. Rustie is a multi-book author, speaker, full-time single mother, and advocate. They live on the Gulf coast of Florida with two small dogs. Rustie is well known for inspiring