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I simply love to travel. I love seeing parts of the US that most won’t ever see as they just hurry through life. I cant say that flying isn’t wonderful at times but I really want to LIVE and not always rush through my minutes. Those minutes are far and few between. I enjoy my drive back and forth from Florida to New England. Well, until I get to NJ and then I writhe through 6 hours of traffic and nonsense drivers. I still can’t understand why I can never find a CLEAN bathroom from NJ through Connecticut. It never fails!

I take as many different routes north as I can. I enjoy seeing each town, farm, city, and well folks. There is such a diverse world that one only learns about when travel permits. I have witnessed over the years, towns collapse with overwhelming poverty. I have witnessed farms blooming, several crime scenes, and so many accidents. I enjoy my time with Chloe. She is growing up to be such an amazing person. She is bright, funny, charming, and well, a smart ass. We laugh through the 1500 mile drive. The pups snuggle up and its 2 days of no internet, just plain ol’ fashion chatting.

I have had an incredible time here in New England this summer. I have spent time visiting my old haunts only to have closure. I have reconnected with old “friends” only to be reminded why I am so happy to have left. The reality of who truly is a friend and who is just riding on coat tails has been enlighting. I have had car problems and a lot of closure. Its been good for me for sure.  2 folks I cared about have passed on, a few folks I know became addicted to heroin, and well, not much else has changed. I feel like the area is stagnant. The same dramas, the overwhelming heroin issues, and the lack of care from NH Lawmakers. Poverty has increased, homeless children on the rise and NH is still an apathetic state. It’s sad to watch the collapse of a great nation but if you pay attention to the apathy I witness here, it is not just New Hampshire. It’s a virus that has spread throughout the country and frankly needs to be vaccinated.

We are far too smart, able-bodied, and wealthy as a nation to continue to invest in poverty

I am sitting at the FriendlyToast enjoying my GF Huevos Rancheros, reflecting on what life was before I left NH. I don’t miss it here that’s for sure. I don’t miss that I feel unsafe here. I know personally there is no protection for women and children here. I don’t miss that lingering feeling that nepotistic relations are how folks get work here. I don’t miss the constant drama that my ex-feels compelled to continue after 8 years post-divorce. I don’t miss the knowing that the family court judge is so adamant about not speaking to the children and allowing them a voice. I don’t miss the incredulous ideology that Children do not have a voice in court but by 14 a young girl can marry.


I feel a sadness and a peace that the old me has moved on. Grown. Grown-up. I have found freedom within myself. I have found that all of this trauma that has happened is the pathway to a beautiful future. I have years of writing, speaking, and motivating people to keep going. That’s what has come out of this tragedy. I am so hungry to share my story all over the country as I think people need to walk in my shoes, even for 30 minutes. I want folks to learn what the world is like outside of their homes, TVs, and Cell phones. I have many years of raising awareness and I am so ready to do so.

I will continue to fight for those who are too scared, too tired, too beat up, and those who America has forgotten.





Until Next Time……


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