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MacDonald Marketing Concepts, LLC

908586_10200903961712123_1404609461_nI created MacDonald Marketing Concepts, LLC to provide assistance to small businesses with training, Customer service training, leadership training, business plans, and training on social media outlets as well as Market research for “Demand Generation” needs. I have over 20 years experience working in Sales and Promotional work for events for many organizations and brands. In my experience, I have gained a clear understanding of how to promote products and messaging at events. I now have trained a team that is easily deployed and offers a well-honed skillset in what it takes to bring your message to the forefront of any event across the country.

I am able to provide training as well services for direct On Demand Marketing, lead Generation and Appointment setting for small companies to assist with the company’s overall need to grow fiscally. As a small business owner, I perfectly understand the need to grow my business and in the beginning did not have the staff to help me. So, let us provide you the help you need to take your company to the NEXT level!


All Services Offered:

*Training and Seminars:

Trainings and Seminars are available for your team. We will sit and discuss your goals and I will formulate a training specific to your needs or you can choose from the list below. We will look at what your intentions are. I can work with you and your team on several aspects of your workflow. Please, feel free to contact me to set up an appointment.

IMG_6491Most Popular:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Rapport Building
  • Social Media uses
  • Leadership 101

* Demand Generation, Lead Generation or Appointment Setting

Demand Generation services will require a minimum of a three-month     commitment. Billed monthly and the rates are 25$ Hourly, 75$ SPIFF per confirmed Appointment Set.


165121_1368545073303_3391824_n* Event Staffer

I have a terrific team that I have personally trained to help you staff your event. If you would like me to personally staff your event please set up and appointment to discuss this with me.

My Team has worked tradeshow, in store demos and out door community events for several years now and all over the country.


Basic Fee Structure but not limited too:

  • 200$ per staffer per day
  • 0.55 a mile
  • agent-18762Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Rental Car (if applicable)
  • Meal Allowance, 35$ per day

Please contact us to schedule and appointment with me. I would love to review your needs and see if I can help you. If I cannot, I might be able to point to someone who can.


Specialties: SKILLS:
# Strong leadership skills
# Team coaching skills
# Marketing and managerial roles
# Strong customer relations
# Technology solutions sales
# Strong interpersonal skills
# Strong understanding of the healthcare vertical market #brand Management #Training #Support