Peaceful Dragons

Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week. Chores are generally done and I refuse to work on Sunday. Usually, Chloe and I pack a lunch and just drive in some direction and explore places we have never been. SUNDAY-FUNDAY! However, yesterday was just a puttering around the house day. A day we have missed for several years now. We have not had normality or stability for 4 years so as I was building my dragon, I really took time to appreciate the moment. It was hot out and the sky was clear. The Sun beat down on our gardens and it was clearly a lazy, Sunday. The Lizards hung out on the porch in the shade and the birds called it a day around 11 AM.

No one really drives down our road, its a hidden oasis. We are grateful for FINALLY being safe, loved and in peace. Chloe and Bella took the Lizards lead and lounged around all day too. Lazy babies, reading, drawing and just plain ol R&R. A much needed break from our busy schedules and since its only been about 8 months that we have been safe, it still seems too good to be true. As I worked on the frame of my dragon I realized how much we have been through and how much more we may be forced to face. In the coming months, we are still fighting a Demon and my hopes, prayers and requests are that this is the END of the battle. This battle has last almost 7 years and has become ridiculous.

I focused on the frame of the dragon and the wires cut my fingers snapping me out of my daze. As I work on building my 12 inch friend, I am in a zone. Playing with Clay is super therapeutic and a much needed diversion from my thinking. Fiona Apple playing in the back ground and my creative juices flowed. My intention was to make a Mean looking dragon. The kind that would be fierce and one would be afraid to reckon with. As I layered on the clay, shaping the features, developing the muscles and skin texture, I realized I don’t have the ability to make anything mean looking. I don’t have a mean bone in my body so I guess I subconsciously channeled my inner Jim Henson and have a new character for new clay-mation movie. (Oh Jim! How I miss you!)

As I smooth out the clay I begin to think about all that has transpired and what wonderful things have happened to us since we have arrived. We are in a place of utmost Happiness! Chloe has gone from a size 18 to a size 14 in 8 months. Why? She is HAPPI!! She is NOT afraid and she is able to thrive here. We had dinner with family Saturday and we have family coming to visit us for a week soon.

                                      So, we count our blessings for sure!

Chloe and I spent the day as we should have for the last 7 years.

In Peace. Harmonious. Happy.

I cant even begin to tell you how much we love our home, friends and family. We love the rain and the lizards. We love to feel safe and secure. Yes, We are home. No matter what happens over the last leg of this journey, we know that we will always have  these moments to remember. Appreciating them with such deep gratitude.


Until Next time………

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