The Journey

We made it safely to New Hampshire only to have the harsh reality of freezing rain and harsh winds. These are things we don’t miss. Our toes, nose, fingers, car, and puppy tails are frozen and very uncomfortable. My windshield fluid is frozen and the drivers are just as dangerous as where we live in Florida. Huh!

As we drove through several states I always find the drive an adventure. I have seen some of the most amazing sunrises, sunsets, cloud formations, and towns. We always take a different route and there is a town called Darling in Maryland that was very much like a Thomas Kinkade painting. Last night as we drove through Maryland I was witness to a very intense crime scene. A box store was robbed. There were multiple police officers, cameras, and roadblocks. It was a sight for sure at 5 AM. I wonder what the truth is about the incident? As we drove through New Jersey the lights where amazing and then Delaware glowed. Traveling is never easy as there are always obstacles. I really am not a huge fan of taking 95 north as the Maryland/DC area is always bumper to bumper and always an accident. I like driving through the country and seeing the variations of America. I am so blessed to enjoy driving as I am witness to sights that I would never get to bear witness too if I jumped onto a plane. There is no hustle Bussel unless I make it that way.

I have witnessed the extreme poverty, the endless counts of homeless, prostitutes, gangs, drunk drivers, crashes, shooting stars, rainbows, and how delicate our economy is.I have had the best bonding time with my daughter as there is nothing else to do but talk and learn about each other. She provides a refreshing perspective in a world that can be so dark, mean, and lonely. Each time we make this trip north, I am witness to the never-ending towns that are filled with foreclosures, farms, shops, and homes that are being overtaken by nature as they are no longer loved. I am witnessed to the very sadness of deep poverty, hunger, and the real notion that this will only get worse as our government officials are far less inclined to provide assistance, awareness, and programs to lift folks up. The amount of children that are food insecure is heart-wrenching. Each state is different in their approach to poverty. I know from personal experience that New Hampshire is very apathetic to those who are struggling whereas the part of Florida I live in focus on helping the community rise out of this awful trench.

As I learn more about the depth of our country, I feel more empowered to keep advocating to end abuse and poverty. The more I learn about the reasons as to why and the causes for those reasons, I feel as though it’s my duty as a citizen, as an American, to educate why we have abuse and poverty. I am only one brick on this path but each of us needs to be the foundation of change. We need to help each other learn, educate, and provide much-needed change. I understand that the need to adjust our attitudes about mental illness and what the root of poverty really is would solve a lot of the misconceptions of how folks get into these situations. I hear some incredulous preconceptions of what others think actually happen to cause homelessness, abuse, and poverty. I also hear what the government says about its citizens who are in these trenches and even though at times I feel powerless, I know that at some point I will be heard. I just got to keep talking about it and educating others as to how easy it is to be poor, broken and abuses.

I am heavily invested in learning more about the whos, whys, and how to end each cycle. I know that with the help of others, it would end and that we all could live in harmony. I’ll be sharing my story of Poverty, Abuse, Injustice, and how to heal through it all on Sunday 12/31/17 at the  Unity of the Seacoast Church. I hope to see you there. I have also revised our “go fund me” to start accepting donations again for editing my latest book and publishing it.

Please join us in fighting the obvious, the levels of abuse, poverty, and homelessness


Happy Holidays from Chloe, Bella, Pepper, and I. We wish you the very best. 


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