The Wine Lovers Pairing

                                                     The Wine Lovers Mix:

There will be two posts for July as there is a LOT going on with Direct Cellars. Some wonderful opportunities and promos. It’s also exciting to know that this will now become an International opportunity. We are also hosting wine tasting parties all over the country so feel free to send me an email if you have an interest in joining us.


                                                                                               2015 The Present 

Precision Cellars in Santa Rosa California is our Red Choice. 2015 The Present Merlot has been created by Australian Native turned California Dreamer. The Present is a blend of 95% Merlot Grapes and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. By blending the two-grape varietal there is a Blackberry and Vanilla tone. There are hints of mocha and its tannin is pleasant. Not firm.

For Food Pairing, I recommend a roasted or grilled pork loin. Go light on the herbs but Rosemary is a perfect accent. For an Appetizers, I would make an old colonial favorite. Chestnut Fritters. Of course, mine are Gluten Free but there are a variety of variations and these are quick to make. I would add a strawberry watercress salad with a balsamic dressing and of course, Chloe’s Dessert options are always recommended.

Rosa California is a hot spot for Creative Arts, Music and indulging in breaking barriers. There are several art museums, exhibits and local bands to sink your interests in. Walking down the most popular street South A street, you comb through the ever-expanding quest to create. Michael Zieve’s work is created right in Santa Rosa. He has been painting and sculpting for more than 30 years. If you are looking for land scape architectural pieces, I would recommend David Fowlers work


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                                        2015 Kara Chardonnay from Woodville Washington

Washington state is known for being a state that offers a lot of rain but in 2015 it was dryer than normal and this allowed great yields of chardonnay. The Kara Chardonnay is 30% aged in oak barrels which adds richness and a feel of overbearing oak tones. There is a slight Apple and citrus character.

For Food Pairing the Kara is a perfect match for Vegetarian pastas or white fish dishes. I would use a Gluten Free Pasta, Olive Oil, Gorgonzola and keep cold. This is a PERFECT Vegetarian Pasta for a hot beach day. Maybe add shrimp cocktail for an appetizer and of course I would highly recommend Chloe’s Gluten Free Strawberry pound cake for dessert.

The art scene in this part of Washington is flourishing. Woodinville is 25 miles outside of Seattle’s very popular music scene and provides some amazing contemporary artisans. I would check out Sherman Alexie who is a well-known poet from that area. I would indulge in Iskra Johnsons photography. She is a mixed media artist.









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