In my traditional “shake it up” way, I am asking you all to write down all of the things, people, places you love. I am wanting everyone to refocus on positives in our lives as we have so many negatives to contend with.  I don’t want us to loose sight of what our real world is filled with. Love. Yes, Love. What do you love?


Here is half of my list….



I love my daughter’s laughterIMG_7056


her eyes sparkle so brilliantly.

I love my daughter deeply


I love the smell of hot summer days and a quick rain shower.

I love the smell of freshly mowed grass after a summer rain shower.

I love a warm rain shower.

I love summer

I love fall

I love spring

I would love to hibernate during winter


I love a cozy night filled with stars and a fire.

I love the crackle of a good fire.

I love my bed.

I love chocolate.

I love a good wine.

I love a laughter that is infectious.

I love massages.


I love sex




I love a good home cooked meal.


I love a clean house


Clean laundry.


I love the smell of lavender and Roses.

I love learning

I love to meet people

I love to travel

I love to meditate

I love my life, even with its bruises

I love me, even with my imperfections

I love YOU as you are such a beautiful soul


Until Next time………………….


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