What makes Success? Its not just the “Benjamin’s”


I can only speak to my successes and I don’t think they are very major. But they are there. They mean the world to me. They motivate me to have more.


What is it? I think success, simply put, is the moment when you have completed your goal. When you have either done well or failed well. (I see failure as a form of success too)

I was abandoned and another of my successes is that my daughter will never experience me leaving her. I was raised very poor, in areas that offered poor education and limited resources. I have attended 23 schools and yet I still graduated College. I have had a few jobs that helped to pay bills and each job taught me something new about me. I am building a successful business, I own my own home, I have a relatively happy life and I get to inspire and motivate people all over the world. I am not a drug addict ,gang member, abuser, in jail, or any statistic that was laid out for me through out my life. These where constant reminders of what I was supposed to be an adult. The statistics were lying on the ground like bricks as I walked forward to my next success or failure. I was to be a pregnant teen, on welfare, an addict, a “this” and a “that”. My chances of statistical success were 15%. Yup. THAT’S motivation! I have had people come and go. I have heard the range of excuses, as my expectations are too high for them or for myself. I have been told many times that my goals are impossible and that I am trying to conquer a mountain that’s too high.

UnknownMy feelings are simple. I am here for a reason. I have NOTHING better to do in this life then to follow my dreams and my goals. My goals are 4 fold and the first is to be the best possible mother I can be. She is a terrific kid so I feel pretty confident that is a success. The other three is to inspire millions around the world through the radio show, writing, speaking and eventually a healing center. To help people heal the pains that we all face or have faced. I am focused and this focus has pissed some friends off because in their mind, I don’t call enough. They are right. One day blends into another and in time I don’t realize how long it’s been since I reached out.

So, I did decide to set up a calendar reminder to check myself once a week and reach out. I think about my dear ones all the time, I am in the middle of building this company and have little time for myself. Its balance I need to learn. Its not an excuse and I do apologize. Its something I need to get better at. That’s all. BUT its how I have been successful. I am DEEPLY committed to what I am doing.

So, what makes a person successful?

Here are some keys that I use to help guide me along my journey.

Commitment– An Undeniable commitment.
Sacrifice– Moving forward can mean making choices.
Remain Authentic– Being truthful and honest to your self and others
Honesty– Do everything honestly
Positive – Strive to make & Inspire Positive Changes in your life
FAIL – Accept, embrace & enjoy the failures. They are just stepping stones for your success.

I find that you have to have a deep commitment, passion and focus in order to reach your goals. There are, will be and have been days where just rolling over, giving up and ripping your heart out of your chest will feel like the only thing that can be done. Those are the moments that you should know you are closer then ever. Allow that moment.

Embrace those feelings.IMG_7643

HURT. Be ANGRY. BE. HEAL. Move on.

BE the Success you are meant to be. BE the love and LIGHT!

Commit and GO. DO.

Until Next Time……

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