“In your painful echo of what did not go right
The shackles you provide offer nothing more than Shame
On you and your family

What did you gain?

What gifts do you offer at this time?
Your children surely see


Anger and Shame seem to be your game
Only placing blame
Pain on your ex
Spreading to the rest
Offering nothing that will ever be gained 119022-Parenting+quotes+one+of+the+mo
by the birth of your child
Nor honoring her name
Your actions offer sorrow to all those involved
The roads you pave are only borrowed
From your narcissistic mirror
Lit by pride
Wishing others to be inferior
You walk inside
Offering superior
Really in solitude
Your death is your only path
The “love light” will only dim in your wrath

Your wrath much brighter then the love given you

The echoes of what could have been remain haunting youimages-2

Like ghosts
Shadows alluding you
This love thing
Seems so lame

As you force children to wallow to your pain
Guilting them into your Shame
Haunting them with your fears

Arnt you the sweetest of dears?

what gifts can you offer?

No love light will shine in your wrath
Echoes of what would have been
Only remain
images-1In the souls you struggle to gain

Sucking the light out of their shaft
Sadness is the path
Only you know
And in that you fill others with sorrow

Hard head,
hard hand,
hard heart
Leaves you alone again

What gifts can you offer them?

What gifts can you offer
when even you– yourself can not live?
Rustie MacDonald, author

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