Month: January 2014

TRASH the Box!!!

We love Boxes. As Children, the box was the MECCA of Creative Spirit. The possibilities are endless with a box. The box is a crayon, pencil or paints WORST nightmare! The crayon looks in terror at the box with fear

Kindness is not DEAD, yet

I stumbled on this video today on Youtube and it caused me to tear up. So, of course I wanted to share my thoughts and of course I love your feedback. Yes, I know I am a bit of

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Sex & The Single Parent

I am asked often how a single parent is expected to start over. Between the hurt, the anger, the financial stress and the usual conflict with the EX-how does one actually start over? I don’t know. I am fumbling along

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Thanksgiving 2013 Trip to Florida-The VALUE of Customer Service

Chloe and I had a wonderful time overall. We spent most of the time house hunting, giggling and driving. We landed in Tampa to stay in Venice for most of the trip. We did however run into a couple of

A New Year, a New You

Welcome January! I am looking forward to all that 2014 will bring.  January is the beginning of a new year. New Thoughts. New Hopes. New dreams. January can be a fun and exciting marker in your life or a pressure