2015, now WHAT?

shut-up-570x380For my first blog post of 2015, I struggled. I have a few about poor customer service in New Hampshire, 2 poor restaurant experiences, and several blogs about life. But when I started to compose them, I hemmed. Then I hawwwed. Then I grunted, hemmed more and hawwed more. I finally clicked SAVE, CLOSE and started on another project.

See, I have written several blog posts over the last year about the above subjects and frankly, my followers already know my stance on bad food, gauging customers and my inability to return to such establishments. Everyone who has followed me throughout my travels know that I despise the very concept called ‘management’ and feel leadership is the NEW way of being. So, nothing new there other then I think I will write a blog just about those topics and really put fire under some ass’s. (sorry, thinking out loud.) AND everyone knows enough about my personal life that there are rarely ever questions because I am open and honest about my life in general.


                                                                 NOW what?

How do I start 2015 with something that is fresh? Exciting? Something that will leave you, the reader, to wonder, think, be inspired by or to be the cause of you inspiring someone else? How do I get you to dash out of bed in the morning to do something BIG, brave and outside of the box? There really is no pressure when writing a blog (ahem) and certainly no pressure in wanting to keep YOU the reader coming back for motivation, inspiration and at times a swift kick in the pants. Ah, so, how do I keep this content fresh, exciting and have you wanting more? Or maybe I am looking at this all wrong. Maybe, maybe this entire blog experience has been to keep me motivated, inspired and offer me a good swift kick in the pants now and again.

Interesting switch.

How I feel when writing a plot twistMaybe, just maybe I need to worry about staying enthralled with the writing and worrying less about the reader? Please don’t take that personally but my head is swelling from the mounds of pressure to make you, anonymous reader, happy. How is that even possible? You, frankly know WAY more about me then I do of you. This is a very one sided relationship. I write, pour my feelings, emotions and frustrations out here in this virtual land of obscurity and well…. I may get an email from you or a note reminding me to buy Viagra from some cyber BOT that scours the internet to spam me about a pharmacy overseas. And that’s about it. My untangling myself, publically goes largely unspoken. I tell my tale and you read. Voyeuristically. Peeking through my bedroom curtains and not saying a word about my work or even as much as a condemnation for my openness. My words, my thinking and concepts float around in Cyber space until YOU, the unknown, reads one of my rants, raves or delightfully funny life moments.hand holding world

2015 is a year that I vow to excite myself, I mean you, the reader and challenge the content of my blog. Even, to the point of my needing to be more consistent with the weekly writings. This is almost a schizophrenic endeavor as I have to pretend to be YOU, the anonymous reader in Cyber space, and guess what it is that will make you happy. So, I am once again, left talking to myself. (twitch, twitch. Drool. Drool.) I wonder when it will be that Chloe decides to finally lock me up.

IS this blog worth it in the end? Yes, I believe so. Even though you are my voyeur. You are part of my epic, crazy, fabulous, delicious journey in life and I think that’s why you keep coming back. For that, I am grateful and ho0pe that this years writing teases you, tantalizes your senses, continues too make you ponder your very existence on this crazy moving orb and well…

I hope, if nothing else, that it inspires you to be a better version of you.

Don’t forget to be on the look out for one of my new books. I authored 2 and co authored 3….hitting shelves very soon….


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