Summer Time

summerJune is coming to an end and summer has come to beginning. This is the time of year where friends come together and BBQ. Families reconnect and growing up moments are shared. Children are born, graduations, weddings, baseball and summer celebrations swallow up the weekends. This is the time of year that the sun doesn’t slip away until 9pm. There are fireworks, swimming parties and lawns to mow. The ice Cream truck barrels around the corner with promise to cool off even the crankiest summer wonderer. Dogs run wild and bicycles fill the streets. Families gather more frequently and new stories are written. Life is lived during the months of July & Aug. Traveling is a must and camping is a treat. There are a lot of Nights by the lake or ocean and plenty of laughter to consume the soul.


What a beautiful time to be had and also don’t forget the drama that always unfolds at family gatherings. Heads butt and political views shared. Parenting differences and someone’s feelings gets hurt. BUT family is there and these moments are to be cherished.

Trust me.

I am without my family this summer and am tired of the fight that I have to go through to visit them. My ex is clear my family should be obsolete and I have to fight to see them. Everything is a fight with him and right now, I just want to rest as we will be back at the relocation topic shortly. As we are forced to remain in New Hampshire for this year, we will continue to observe the rights that most Americans have that we seem not to have. Again, this is only a short period in our life and maybe, the reason for this, has yet to be seen.

This summer will be different for Chloe and I as we will once again, go without. Its only a matter of time before my daughter will have a say. So, for now, we will reinvent, rediscover and enjoy our time locally. We may go to Pennsylvania or Ohio this year. We may go to my favorite art galleries in Montreal. We may just stay in our new yard. Whatever we do this summer, we will be building memories together.

bbqI am re reading Edger Allen Poe and Walt Whitmen this summer and Chloe will be exploring her new comics and paints. This summer we invite our families and friends to join us. While we travel around enjoying LIFE and healing, living and thriving, we get to entertain the idea of what is in store for us next.

                                       What chapter do we get to write in our new book of Life?
What will winter hold?

                                                                              What will next spring be like?

Only time knows whats in store for us, but our blue eyes are WIDE open and read y to accept the very wonders of whats next. We are honored to set aside the sadness and appreciate what we have. That’s something that I can say we do not take for granted.

“So, Rustie,” you say. “Whats your point? “

Well, when you sit back at one of your various events this summer and observe your moment, be as present as possible. There are many of us who are not able to spend this time with family and that leaves a hollow space in our chest. The memories you are going to create this summer, will help you through the time that you may be without your family, supports and when you feel alone, you have the memories to know that one day you will be together again and able to make NEW memories.Fruity family

                           Until Next Time………………….

Tainted Elegance


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