A Glimpse of Freedom

Sharkys PierMost of you know that I am currently packing and purging our stuff. Due to our miserable circumstances here, I made the decision just to go for the full time not just a week. We need to get away and decompress. My book, ‘In Pride & Prejudice: A Relocation Nightmare will be released and after all that work, Ill need to re-set my mind. I ll be working on a book launch and tour as well as really focusing on my speaking engagements.  I have two more books in the “skeleton” phase and I need to complete my workshop course work.

So much going on! 

Everything will be going into storage and as of July 1, we hit the road. I can not tell you how much this summer has caused a buzz in our home. The excitement, the travel and the fresh start is AWESOME! We could not be more thrilled about our time south this summer. Chloe and I are offered a glimpse yearly of what our Fresh Start will be like. We are allowed the privilege of 6 weeks of freedom out of 52. I am grateful for what we can get. Its not remotely appropriate but its what the courts deemed acceptable since my ex refuses to co parent. Its a mere taste of sunshine, warmth and family. A delightful time away from the pain and drama that surrounds us here. We have decided to spend the entire time south this year, which means I ll be working but that is ok. We are away and getting acclimated to our new home slowly and we will eventually be allowed to grow roots in. Life Balance

Chloe will be attending an art camp and Ill be working. However, we will be able to spend our down time with friends, family and on the beach. A summer of ocean, drum circles and snow cones. We have a few stops on the way to see some friends and family and we are looking forward to that. Most of my family, Chloe has never met so this will be exciting for sure. We will Kayak in GA, Sleep in VA, Work/Play even longer in Florida!

Chloe has picked up the same love for Kayaking that I have so I am excited about this summer. We will be water logged for sure and it will offer us much hope for the next time we are allowed to leave here. Every time we go down, we bring back a spark of renewed hope to help us get through our time here. However, I have high hopes that this is almost over and that we will be able to move home soon.

kayak_boatingEventually, its going to happen.

Its only a matter of time now and we wait.

We dream, long for and we wait.

                                                                             Until Next Time……..

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