A word to the Wise, Social Media Use

Social MediaThe world of social media allows us to share opinions, lives, heart breaks and HOPE. We post as though we are standing in front of all of our friends and family with what ever news we want to share for the day. I love to share my ups, downs, funny’s and personality. I also will post controversial topics to offer a HEALTHY debate. We all post quotes, jokes, love, quarrels, life moments and proud moments. We will share with each other the weather, bad events, car accidents. And out of some sort of comradory; we try to gently remind others not to text and drive or drink and drive. We offer kudos to others success’s and many birthday wishes. There are plenty of virtual hugs, kisses and travel fantasy’s that are fulfilled by living vicariously through our friends. We are even invited to be apart of our co workers lives and the web is growing from each person we meet to people, who see us on their friends list and want to know us from curiosity. 2e3924d24c26fc4684fe03c604847c5e190e8bc7_large


However, it seems as though Social Media may also offer a forum for bullying, stalking, cheating, hurting others and as I have recently read off my twitter feed, a place to threaten harm to others as they have an opinion that is not accepted by the viewer. There are pedophiles, rapists, terrorists, abusers and stalkers who weave in and out of our social media lists. For the most part these “virtual bad guys” are using social media to recruit people to do and serve  purpose that one wouldn’t actively seek. This has caused us to be timid and fearful of what is virtually out there. I mean, we can’t trust our neighbors anymore and in the virtual world, there are a vast amount of “oogie-boogies” that could come and get you.

Oogie Boogie                                        SO? What to do in a world that seems to be destructive…..

My personal feelings are that you post as you post. If someone has something to say, they can say it and its always your choice as to whether or not you react to what ever is posted. Sometimes, removing toxic friends virtually is just as successful as removing them from your face to face life.


A few ideas about  posting wisely:

  1. The easiest way to avoid emotional reactions is to post in question form.
  2. Do NOT post anything that could get you fired.
  3. Do NOT post anything that would get you arrested. (ex: “I was so drunk trying to drive home last night”)
  4. Do not accept Strangers (unless you are a business, but be cautious)
  5. Set your security settings to prevent others from grabbing photos. Its a reduction, not a cure.
  6. DO NOT ever comment on someone’s post with intent to argue. Just because YOUR view or feelings might not align with the Posters, does not offer YOU the right to condemn, hurt, threaten or thwart their feelings on any subject. This is where the rule “IF you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.” applies. Freedom of Speech

There are many ways you can hold onto your feelings,values and for those of us who live in countries that allow freedom of thought, speech and public display, there are many polite ways to harness and utilize this gift. Remain positive in all your doings. There is no need to get into a pissing match with someone who offers a very far view from yours. A healthy debate is one thing but don’t use Social media as a forum to neglect the very human nature that offers emotion and tenderness. I find that Social media can be a protection from being human and opens up a harsher tone to our thoughts.

Try to think CONSTRUCTIVELY vs DESTRUCTIVELY. Remember, the very feelings of certainty that you hold inside you is the same for them. There is no right or wrong. Its how we react and how we choose to live our lives. If we want to beat people up and feel that our feelings and beliefs are the only ones to be acknowledged, well you are acting in a destructive manor. If you feel as you do, others have the right to feel as they do. The beautiful nature of being Human is to offer a unique debate in all matters in this life. NOT to be used a tool of destruction and control but to experience the very essence of what it means to be SELF and A LIVE.


….Until NEXT TIME……

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