A Work in Progress

tumblr_mrf4somqQi1r5ga1po1_1280 I have promised myself to take better care of myself this year. All of the medical issues I have ignored are being dealt with and I am really focused on Taking the time I need to write, read, go to the gym and complete many of my pending projects. I am working towards finding income that will suite our needs while not taking away too much time from my passions and my daughter. It’s not an easy balance and we certainly do without a lot.

As I work towards finding more speaking engagements and designing new workshops, I have found myself in a peace that I have only dreamed of having. This IS where I am supposed to be and exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Do we have real human pings and pains as well as overdue bills?Speaker BIO B

Yes, yes we do.

The reality is if I do not put fourth all of the energy I can towards making my dreams come true, we will never get out of this seemingly bottomless pit. So, I am risking a lot, working crazy hours and writing like a mad woman. I am my own marketing team, HR, AP/AR., Sales and more! Wow!19aztgrfzd2f4jpg

I will be working towards Airing my #Living&ThrivingwithRustie radio show again next month on Mondays only. I have been making several calls and sending out emails to every radio station, TV show, News Station and more in hopes to get the interviews we need to help support “In Pride & Prejudice: A Relocation Nightmares” final journey through publishing. I am looking for Sponsors and Venues to Speak and host Workshops all over the Country. Its hard but will be done.

So here is too working hard, opening up to allow it to pay off and being receptive to what’s to come. Chloe and I are clueless as to where we are going but we know that as long as we are doing it together, its going to be OK.

Seed popping outAnd THAT’S all that matters……

Until Next Time….




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