A World Of Gratitude

November is the month that we celebrate being grateful. Why we don’t make this a daily practice is beyond me but here it is. What is gratitude really & why it is so important? How do you appreciate your situation & how do you properly offer thanks? It’s a lot easier than we think. See, gratitude is simply acknowledging the beauty in that moment. To be thankful for a gift or for help. I believe that most folks are so fearful that gratitude is now sitting on the back shelf of their subconscious. We have developed a society that questions good deeds and market those who do nothing but bad. We have developed a paranoid society that has forgotten that a polite hello or simple thank you is all that is really needed. And that act is NOT sexual harassment. A scorned look or drivers who shake their fists at you because you are not going fast enough for their liking is what we endorse.

We undermine our children by lacking patience or concern for them. They have a question, we hand them a computer to answer it. Children see how we react in life as we are the role model they look up too and we are creating apathetic and confused adults by our dismissive and thankless actions. We have created a society in which we never have enough time, enough money, or enough emotions to share with someone else. The very act of putting off our children’s needs to watch a mindless and insulting Real Life tv show demonstrates to them their lack of importance to you. Yes, we need to unwind, I totally get it but it’s HOW you unwind and when that makes the impact. Hence my advocacy for morning Gratitude lists. However, there may be side effects in offering gratitude. I also believe that this is the main reason WHY people ignore being thankful. The side effects are Permanente & life changing.

I believe very strongly that if you were to sit or lay down & write EVERYTHING you are grateful about, we can change the course of the world. We can change the course of our parenting & how we perceive each other. We will begin offering more endorsements for the good, releasing the hold that fear has on us. It’s simple and yet so many don’t acknowledge the value this list offers. After about 10 days of writing a daily gratitude list, you will show significant signs of happiness. I know!! Amazing, right? The other side effects include heart opening, better relationships, self-love, smiling and wait! Here is the big one, your CHILDREN will become happier too!


I am asked often how I can find happiness in my world. My life as everyone knows has been a painful roller-coaster ride with some bad monsters along the way. A couple of them still try to hurt us but that too will fail as the world is watching them. They are no longer hidden from view. In that, there is gratitude for the world is acknowledging that these types of folks exist, and we need to protect each other from them.

How have I found gratitude in my abusive relationships, rape, and even in poverty? The best way for me to describe this is that I have found appreciation for all that I have. See, folks can take but they can’t take everything. I still appreciate the moon, sunsets, my soft skin against my blankets. I appreciate a good warm meal and shelter from the rain. I appreciate the very part of me that those monsters were afraid of.

My strength.

My resolve and my unfettering desire to say, I am here. I am alive. I am well.

I am grateful for my daughter as she is a gift and she offers so much for her generation. I am grateful for a voice and a platform to speak my story so that others may heal or help prevent these crimes. I am grateful for things like avocados and sand. Of course, not as a meal but as a nice picnic on the beach. I find gratitude in every experience as its important to acknowledge your life. The good only is relevant when experienced with the bad. If everything was perfectly good, we would have no understanding of the value of Gratitude. So, we need to experience the bad to truly, soulfully appreciate the good.

I have been given a lifelong experience that is now used as a voice for others who have survived, died, or are currently in the midst of abuse and severe poverty. I tell my story worldwide on radio, TV, and through writing to help inspire change. To help end abuse of all kinds. To educate on the realities of what abuse is and how we can stop it. I am grateful to have walked in those shoes so that I can relate, advocate, and be compassionate about a very tough subject. I truly believe that we can stop these heinous acts and that we have the power, as a united voice, to change the world. Each time you share this information, its opening the eyes of others. Each time you listen too and share a podcast, its offering hope to someone in need. Each time you offer a hand of kindness, you are changing the world by displaying that you are in Gratitude. And that’s contagious.

So, in that, please celebrate every day. Life truly has no limit of possibilities, but life is limited in time. There is not a lot of time in our lives and I really urge you to make the most of what you do have. Get on writing that gratitude list. Nothing is too small to be thankful for. It’s wonderful to be grateful for even the assholes in our lives. Why? They represent what you are turning away from. That’s gratitude.

There is always a reason, purpose, and season.

I am grateful for you.


Until next time……………….

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