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Rustie MacDonald

As I journey on, I have accumulated some pretty amazing friends. I have lost some and gained some. As life moves forward, change is what it is. I have been super blessed to have many opportunities and to remain open enough to meet anyone, anywhere and learn from them.  One such person has asked to host a radio show with me. I am super thrilled and honored to be working along with David and helping others to overcome their legal obstacles through PI work. This is a terrific opportunities for me as I consider David as a mentor and with his knowledge, experince and understanding, I am going to gain so much from this show.


My interests are of course based off of my own experience’s in life with abuse and feeling very unprotected. Even now, through my relocation battle, Its been very clear that I am without many rights and am not heard, nor will be. So, what do I do to become heard? How do I radiate the joys of life while being deeply confined to a very angry persons demands?

Lets find out!

What can you do to protect yourself?

What can a PI do for you?

So lets welcome a new show with a terrific set of hosts! David is a terrific mentor and as I learn from him for my own PI Practice, I will be attending Graduate school for Forensic Psychology. This adventure will be a TERRIFIC one! Thanks so much for joining us!

Living & Thriving with Rustie will continue on Sunday Nights 6:30 pm EST and Wednesdays 1pm EST. I will be just adding another show, another time and I will be a co host with David.

Call us, tune in and Email us! We are hosting this show to answer YOUR questions!




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David Duchesneau

About David:  


After being honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps in 1970, David returned home to New Hampshire, where he currently resides. In 1971, he continued wearing uniforms and was appointed into the NH State Police. He earned a degree in criminology. During his tenure, he was selected to represent New England in a special thirteen-week intense training course at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. After his retirement from law enforcement in 1991, David opened a private investigative agency and consulting firm, which he still is involved in today. He is certified as an international investigator and fraud consultant. His investigative/security experience and knowledge is second to none, and he conducts investigations worldwide. He is qualified as an expert witness and has written numerous articles on how to conduct investigations in the private sector. David is a proud member of the NH Retired Law Enforcement Association (life member), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW, life member), the American Legion, Marine Corps Association, Marine Corps League, ASIS International, INTELLENET, and the NRA.


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About Rustie:



Rustie MacDonald

As a Single Mother, Celiac, LifeCoach, Motivational Speaker and International Radio Talk Show Host, Rustie is a lover of life who continues to challenge herself by sharing her abilities with the international community in efforts to help others live and thrive in the ever changing world we live in. Humor, Grace and compassion fills the show with a lightness that can be much needed in tough conversations.


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