Become A Client

Personal Coaching Services:

1 HR 75.00   One On One
1 HR 115.00 Family Coaching (up to 6 people)


My Personal Coaching Services will be based on what you want to accomplish as a family or as a person.  We will dig deep into your history to find any excuses or reasons as to why you are holding back from obtaining your personal success. Then, we will move forward on how to get you there. I recommend a minimum of 4 hours of coaching.

Examples of What I Coach:


  • Treasure Mapping
  • The Grief Cycle
  • Leadership Training 101
  • Body Image
  • Food Allergies and Coping
  • How to start a Business
  • What is Social Media and how to use it



If you are looking for Corporate Training, please see the MacDonald Marketing Concepts, LLC Tab for pricing.

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