The Cricket who Road to Starbucks

13b154d58b41fc9792c7cbdd12c4ac60Chloe and I have been enjoying our time camping. We are reflective, relaxing and in such a peaceful environment.  Chloe wakes to jump into her swimsuit and swim, Bella chases the crickets, frogs, moths and whatever else that moves.  The breeze is cool, the sun is high and the sounds of the crazy goose fill the air for most of the day.


At one point during our trip, Chloe and I decided to head out to get tea/coffee (we are roughing it camping with out electric) and we gathered our garbage to head to the recycling area on our way out of the campground. As I sort and toss our garbage, a very large cricket hops onto the car. Of course, I dubbed this cricket “Jiminy” and felt it must be our lucky cricket.  I finish up and we head out of the campground. The speed limit is 5mph and the cricket was cruising on the door with us. I figured it would jump off sooner or later.images-1

We hit the pavement.  I was thinking once I hit 20 MPH this crickets gonna “POOF” off the door.


The cricket was still clinging to that door at 45 mph! His antennas where straight back and  I was feeling guilty but the people behind me would have been rather annoyed if I slowed down. So, 45 MPH and Jiminy, my new friend, hung on for dear life.  Antennae’s where flat against his head and he made it the 7 miles to Starbucks. Then he hopped off and has never returned.

What amazed me was the shear determination of his quest. Why on earth did this cricket want to hang on for dear life? Determination?



I see that even in a crickets life there is a sense of determination. We are complex as is but when we are determined to reach a goal, small or large, we can be fierce in our quest to succeed. Or to Fail. During our journey it’s the end that matters and rarely the moment in time in which you are actually in the journey. The before story and the ending story seem to be the rush and excitement of the adventure. Rarely the steps in between.

What I will take away from my moment with “Jiminey” is that I appreciated his steps in between. I am also acknowledging the ‘steps in between’ in our current journey. I am humbled by our situation and thrilled to know that this part of my life is all about learning.

We are growing and achieving a better and brighter future with each step we take. I am looking forward to what is to come and to see how far we go.


Amen. Grateful.


Until Next time…..

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