CeliacRoads Life Coach

7572741148_5e9fd04d70_oAs a Celiac myself, I know the problems you face — limited resources, confusing information and little if any support for a disease whose symptoms alone can be completely overwhelming. Most of all, I know the fear, hurt, and uncertainty that this disease brings. I created Celiac Roads Consulting and Personal Coaching to provide you with mentoring, support and assistance I wish I’d had – to make your life and your family’s more manageable and even fun as you learn to live in a Gluten-filled world.

Celiac Roads offers support with one-on-one training, corporate training and support for family and friends.

For groups, I offer Gluten-Free seminars.  For individuals I provide one-on-one Personal Coaching and grocery store trips to help you learn to easily distinguish foods on the shelf that are safe and not.

Celiac Disease & Celiac Sprue

20130928_104156Celiac Disease is an autoimmune response to products containing Gluten. A person’s response can vary depending but characteristically involves severe stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, gas, weight loss, muscle pain, vitamin deficiencies, mouth sores, and skin issues. The only treatment for this disease is a completely Gluten Free lifestyle.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, Rye and barley. Celiac Disease and Celiac Sprue are treated with a non-Gluten diet.


One-on-One Personal Coaching

As your Personal Coach, I am there to listen, support, guide and teach you as you learn how to live with this disease. We can meet in person or by phone. I can help you take the deep dive into understanding this disease and what it means for your life. I accompany you as you take the journey to becoming your healthy self again.

Cooking Classes and Educational Classes and Retreats

In these classes and retreats, I teach you how to cook quick, healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy. Contact us for a FREE half hour consultation, gift certificates and rates.


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