Chapter 11: Dreams

“The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul, a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” – James Allen, As a Man Thinketh  

There is a time when you realize you have potential to be something more than what you think or act that you are. It is an overwhelming personal discovery. The feelings of doubt & fear pour over you and can be something that is hard to describe. All of the sudden you realize within yourself that the fears, anger, hurt and all of your negative reoccurring thoughts may not be real. Whoa. All of the thoughts that I will fail at this nExt endeavor or that I am not educated enough to do will rush forward to the front of your head. “Oh, well I am a dreamer.” Or “I can’t afford to..” These and many more circle around your head and you wonder why you even thought you could.” Bah Humbug! Not me. I could never do it.” Your thoughts remind you.

Then part of you allows yourself to see it. Whatever your dream is. You wish it. You secretly dream it. Then push it aside like a half-eaten plate of food. Nah. I am a dreamer. I need to get another job. I need to get a raise. I need to do a little better than just getting by. But, let’s be realistic here. I am not able to live my dream. This dream would require something I don’t have. Or does it? Let’s Explore your dream and how it may be possible. Let’s work on removing the self-doubt or the personal sabatores that we all have and see if we can actually do it. Is it possible to have faith within ourselves? Is there really a magic secret to having faith? What magic pill can you take to help you have faith? Is there a secret to having faith in yourself?


See, having faith in yourself is not a normal part of how we are raised. We are raised doing our best but we could have done better. We are raised with the thoughts that if we work harder we will end up being the best that we can be. Even if that means we spend our entire life struggling. Why? Because we really do not have the faith within ourselves and need to. We really do not have faith at all. We have yet to master our thoughts and conquer our self-judgments, doubts, fears and all of the other thoughts that circle our head and plague us with negativity. We are not able to see past the very bill that is typed in big bold red letters “OVERDUE”.  Frankly, we are overdue. We are overdue for an emotional makeover. A nice overdue bill or a shortage in our paycheck sends us back to prehistoric times and we howl, bang on the table and foam at the mouth. We become super upset as this triggers our caveman side and we have failed! It is not that we have failed anything but it FEELS like you did.

Past due stamp on overdue account

The car breaks down and the bill collectors keep calling. Every time you pick up the phone it sends a chill down your body. Then the lies come. “I am sorry, there is no one with that name here” or your emotions are so angered that you scream into the phone “%%##!! Stop calling my house! Enough already” The poor person on the others side has already received 50 or 60 calls like that and is starting to have a nervous breakdown but you don’t care. They need to stop calling your house. They need to stop reminding you that you can’t pay them off right now. They need to leave you alone! You are doing your best. You are working 2 jobs or not able to find work and certainly not able to think about the dream you secretly go to feel like a person again. This dream that you love yourself and it offers a small ounce of hope. Then this cycle begins again.

However, aside from the negative stuff mentioned here, let’s look at the place that we all go too. The “dream” of a really nice clean house and plenty of food in the fridge, the decked out car and the higher paying job. Or whatever your dream is. Let’s go there. How do we make it come true?  There is no shame in taking the time to dream and really live the dream you want.  I understand that you want to live in real life what you dream. How cool would it be if your dream became real and you were actually doing what it is that you want?  I am a dreamer and had to work to get to my dream but here it is. You are reading it. You are holding it and if my dream is to come true, this book will help you live your dream.

The question is how do you get to the place where you are accepting that you have potential, that you are bigger and more amazing! I know you are and have faith you will find yourself.  As with anything, there will be work to do.  I hope that it is worth it to you to try. You will have nothing to lose other than that nagging wonder in the back of your head of ‘should ofs’. The only thing that you can do is try and why not? I hear you. There are so many other things you could be doing right now and reading a book isn’t one you have time for. Well, maybe you do. Maybe you choose not to. I cannot make you but I can say that starting to do things a little different may be a good start to changing your life so that you can have more free time or at least appreciate taking it. Free time is an important secret that helps change people lives.


  Until Next Time…………………

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