Chloes Fundraisers!! PLEASE SUPPORT

Chloe’s Specials

Chloe’s Specials are for a very special 12 yr old girl in Florida. Chloe is very talented and these kits are designed just for her. Part of the sales will be donated to her , as well 10% of any other purchase on our site.

The Story

Chloe is a 12 year vibrant child who is in need of serious legal help. She is being sent to her father against her will due to the ineffective family laws in the State of New Hampshire. When Chloe stated she did not want to live with her father, he proceeded to hit her and hold her body against the bed, restraining her from calling the Police.She is currently on the Honor Roll, has been given several Scholarships from the Ringling School of Arts and is super loved here in the community.

She is scared and needs your help. She needs to have a voice in Court and the State of New Hampshire continues to deny her voice.     Fundraiser link:

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