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venice 3I sit here writing as I do every day and allow myself to wonder about what is and where we are as a world. I look at my daughters eyes and wonder how she will survive if we continue at this awful pace. As I reflect and Say Good bye to 2016 I realize there is so much more to learn.


Its a very cold version of Florida today. Folks are walking around in scarves and closed toed shoes. The chill of 54 degrees seems to be a reminder of what could be if we do not take our environmental matters much more seriously. As an 11 mile long chunk of Ice burg prepares to separate from his current hold, we sit around looking at the world, strangely. This world has become something of a menace and I am not sure how we created it. I say we as we all have responsibility in this new world. This world of Hate, Traitors, violence and Fear. We all played a  part by either provoking, voting for or simply not speaking up against.

I look back on my child hood and although it was shitty, I can say I had freedoms my children do not. I was able to play in the yard and ride my bike to the local convenience store with out too much fear. Now students have to fear their own class mates as they can be dangerous. My food wasn’t filled with chemicals and poisons and overweight was just a TAB commercial or new Aerobics Workout warning. We were not plugged in, we played outside. I have more then my share of scares from riding my bike off a homemade ramp and chasing Scorpions. I played in the mud and was forced to THINK. I was forced to solve my own problems and not hide behind a monitor or console.

5acd67b4041c5bc51cfb6a8f08220504What happened to the simple days of building forts and playing Tag? Roller skating and coming up with Code words that would allow only the select few into our clubhouses? What happened to the days where we could build things from the garbage pile and not get into some trouble that we would die of an unpronounceable disease if we touched something used. Somehow, my generation has raised murderers, apathetic children who kill, hate and have no compassion. Somehow, in all of this evolutionary technological advancement, we have made hate, jealousy, a main stream event. Largely, we have encouraged poverty and designed entire nations into criminals.

I have learned a lot about life in the last 40 years. I have learned heart ache, struggle, hurt, sadness and that only some folks can truly love unconditionally. I have learned that Banks are heartless, politicians don’t actually care, that most folks are cruel and that no matter how hard you try, its simply not good enough. I have learned that money far outweighs life and that life only matters if you have money. Some lives matter, while others suffer, living homeless and a lone. I have learned that corruption is the heart of industry and that the American Dream has long gone. I have learned that communities do not exist and that hiding behind closed doors, drowning in late night television shows is the largest addiction our country suffers from. I believe this “realty TV era is a much heavier drug than Heroin.  I have learned that there is no such thing as Justice and that the Constitution no longer applies. I have learned that it’s better to not trust and to fear everything as there is everything to be afraid of. Watch CBS, NBC, Fox and CNN. They all share the pain, suffering and hypocritical stories but rarely a story of success, love, harmony or joy.

Our Society SPREADS

I have learned that trust is a fantasy and media only expresses the stories that share pain, agony and spread more fear. I have learned that sickness will never change our society’s need for greed and that when in doubt, Google it. I have learned that if you are ill, a page might save your life as our country men and women care not of your ales. Illness is a money making game and if you got the money, you Live. Hunger Games is seemingly less fiction than we thought. I have learned that the less educated a person is, the angrier and more hurtful they are in their communities and I have learned that the only true way to get through life, is alone and wealthy. I have learned that our species always has to find someone to put down and condemn in order to justify its own hypocritical policies, laws and treatment of others. Whether it’s religious, gender, sexual orientation or financial ability, we as a species rather DESTROY than build each other up.




We have created a world revolving around money and if you have a storm that causes you to fall behind, the banks don’t care and will put you and your family on the streets. To further that though, we have constructed the ability to have a roof over your families heads with a credit check that will prevent you housing if you have scores too low for worth. This of course only happens if you fall behind.  With the lack of decent jobs and a White House that doesn’t give a care, its easy to fall behind. Yes, homeless is real and yes we as a nation designed it to destroy our justice Bcommunities, put a rift in families and we as a nation ALLOW, VOTED FOR and SUPPORT our communities to reach record levels of poverty. We have encouraged children to be afraid to go to school and for a large majority to be hungry when they are at school. Its been a difficult road explaining to my daughter that her privates are sacred and that #pussygrabbing is a term that only the #ignorant preach. Its hard to look at my daughter and explain that the hypocrisy on Gender, Race and Social Status still exist as I have worked so hard to teach her not to see these fear lines our society created.

  How did we do this to ourselves??

We have voted and invited politicians into our communities who will not do much more than speak with silk words and act in shame. We have become complacent as a society and have become LAZY. The riots and abuses are not from individuals who are angry, they are incited by those who know that they can take advantage of a stinging & pained country that is SCARED. These folks don’t care for betterment of the country, if they did they would protest in togetherness, peacefully and in the knowing that with numbers comes power but with Abuse comes Shame. and more pain.

The politicians that are currently in a place have a guaranteed LIVABLE income, where you and I do not. The politics play with our emotions and trigger our deepest fears, speaking in woven words of just and assistance. Their terms passes quickly without justice and without the much needed assistance to get our communities to connect, to proved for our people and to inherently grow our society upwards. Excuses pour out of the politicians mouths as they place blame on everyone else. Or as of late, say one thing and deny it that they ever said it later. 



I have also learned that there are millions of people who want a better world, who want to trust, love and live together peacefully. I have met some of the most amazing heroines and heros that we could ever imagine and they offer continued hope where others do not. I have prayed, advocated and continuous scream at the top of my lungs that we need to focus on these positive movements and create opportunities for folks to get back on their feet, to revive this country and to support each other rather than have such large divisions that are, in the end, very counter productive. There are folks who want to end homelessness, abuse, and the overwhelming injustices that keep the fat belly’s still in office. We have to remind ourselves that WE ARE THE PEOPLE and that in stopping what we are doing, trying a different approach we will prevail. There are truly Millions of people who are making a difference and if we are to consider doing something different, provocative and maybe even mind blowing for 2017, we should connect to the groups that are making a real difference. We all know Washington is lost and not able to help our country. However, as WE are the People, by the People are in deed FOR the people.  If we were to take a stance of Unity. In togetherness and to really appreciate the value we have in numbers, we can get our country moving again. Its no longer about party affiliations. Its about standing up against the greed and bs that we are being feed. We need industry which offers jobs and in that offers stability for our neighbors and our families. We need to stop being so incredibly greedy that we would rather families live in tents, working for incredibly low wages and helping-hands-abstract-design-isolated-white-background-53157679unable to live in the American that once had a dream.


So, for me, I remind myself of what can be, what is and what I need to do to make a difference in this life. I refuse to succumb to the mediocrity of bad media, ignorant rants and the continuance of attempting to divide my community. I want to work towards gathering our people, loving them, embracing them and creating a world that is abundantly glowing for our Children.

Afterall, what we do today, leaves a mark for the future Tomorrows.

Good Bye 2016, I am grateful to have learned so much and super grateful to ring in 2017 with a bang, a little bit of hope and open arms.

Until next time…………flyer withoutPhone _-0001


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