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June 11, 2015




Dear Universe:

Thank you for the Hurts, Betrayal, lies and Deceptions Thank you, Universe for the Fears, Sadness and tears. Universe, you have been more than generous with lessons to teach me in this life and for that I can only be grateful. I have learned how to fail in marriage, how to continue attracting abusive relationships and the most delicious understanding that I am so much stronger than I ever knew.Earth

Universe, you have made me laugh, cry, scream and there have been moments where I just had to give up. Each Emotion, Feeling and experience has provided me another layer of compassion and understanding about life, living and what it means to be human.

Universe, you have taught me rape, abuse, abandonment,  and what a terrible marriage is like. You have taught me how to be strong when I do not want too and how to allow. You have encouraged me, sometimes by force, to be more creative and compassionate.Benign

Thank YOU Universe for so many valuable lessons as I am now a better mother, girlfriend, teacher, friend and human.  I have learned compassion, love, peace and how to not cater to all of my fears or insecurities. I have learned that there is value in Life and that there is no life in Value. I have understood that people matter, not things and that if I live in a box, as long as I am happy, I will be grateful for that box. I have learned to indulge in my dreams and goals and to let go of those people and things that keep me from them.

Universe you are my best keeper, teacher and mentor. Thank you for strengthening my resolve and bandaging my heart.


I do love you.



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