The wonders of this world never cease to amaze me and frankly, I will say that in all that has come and in all that has Gone, I am so very grateful. Times have been simpler for me. I did well for a portion of my life and worried about little. I had the ability to pay all our bills, send my daughter to Dance and we always had fresh fruits, veggies and home cooked meals. We lived in a way that we never worried about our lights being turned off, eviction notices, not having Gas for our stove nor having to worry about the bank taking our car or home. We had opportunities, stability and connections to living well and stable. We did live in fear of what a certain person could do, but we never lived without.

Flash forward:

Then a terrible thing happened to us as one person – filled with so much anger and HATE- did the unthinkable and cost us to lose everything. It has been a long few years and I dare say mighty painful at times with all our losses. However, we have learned SO much more than I could ever have imagined to learn. We understand this world on a totally different level than we ever would have if this person DIDN’T do what they did.

There is No doubt that I have spent plenty of time crying in the bathroom. Holding my feelings tightly and I do fear what would happen if that volcano ever erupts. I still get up and walk forward. I still do what I need to do to regain control over our life and to prevent others from trying to control us. What have I learned? The hardest lesson to date is that I really CAN and I really HAVE. We have learned humility and gratitude from all of this.

I am grateful to those who have hurt us as they have taught both Chloe and I the value of Truth. I know that we are grateful at having to live in poverty for so long as now we understand the value of THINGS and the difference between WANT and NEED.  As a child, I grew up in severe poverty. I managed to climb up and did rather well for myself for a while. Because of my Divorce and due to a legal decision, that has prohibited us from flourishing and being happy, we have learned that there is much need for advocacy in the world. So, in that we can share our full story with the world to enlighten those in the dark and advocate for those who are suffering.


As I continue to rise, keeping my head high, allowing the flow to happen, we become more stable. As I continue to refute those who mean to harm us, they become smaller and farther away. Less of an obstacle. As I stand in my authenticity and am clear to appreciate the moments we do have, we become happier. I am able to do the things I have not “been allowed” to do and as I graduate course after course, both literally and metaphorically, I gain new respect for myself and my potential.  As Chloe demonstrates her multitude of success’s even through the storm, she too has grown to respect herself more.

In that, we are able to see that the storm is clearing and what lays beyond it, is a beautiful rainbow.

Yes, we are happi.

 I am happi.

Chloe is Happi.


Until Next time………………….

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