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I am astonished at what is going on in this world. The radical extreme crazy folks running around smearing hate and acting without compassion and love. I cannot understand how the families that are having to endure insane suffering are coping with this. All of this blood-shed and media slander over some perception that these acts are somehow of value to our society. I am ashamed and am deeply heartbroken over the grotesque miss-use of people’s lives, religion and political power to garner more hate and more pain throughout our world. It’s not just an American Problem. Although we do have plenty here in the states. It’s a HUMAN problem that is effecting the entire world.

Its Rippling through homes, lives and devastating futures.hate+bait

Whether the perpetrator is acting in violence and committing murder or the perpetrator is spreading hate and fear with the use of media outlets, they are no different in my eyes. Both are vial. Both need to stop.  One acts on the fire that is fed by the other. These two are equally monstrous in that they hurt with intent and now we are more afraid of each other than ever before. Then there is the media that encourages and devours people’s lives and their pains just to get ratings. They use words like “Terrorist” and hash tag it to 100% just to ensure they get the biggest ratings. Not Mental Illness as there is no luster or lime light for that subject. Nor does “Crazy ass mother fucker” fit the mold for media consumption and dramatic flare. This also does not fuel our fear factor and garner more views and listens.

So, #Terrorist is the key word as that is what feeds our fears.hqdefault

These Media outlets could give a flying monkey over the lives that have been spilled over the dance floor or on the ground. They care for ratings and they are careless with the emotions of the viewers who are deeply panicked and in shock over this senseless act. The Media has beaten into our heads how scary this world is and how we should work diligently on locking our doors and forgoing our neighbors.

Fear. Fear. Fear.

b75d8b61b4e5242a45a108db08f98aa4Was this boy a terrorist or did he act out due to confusion and severe mental illness? No one will ever really know this boy’s truth only his hate and his rage. The families will only have memories of those that were killed. Maybe if our communities where tighter and he got the help that he needed and had been asking for, for so long, that maybe this never would have happened. There were countless times in the reports that showed there was intervention with this boy. No one helped him and now we have a slew of innocent people, dead.

Instead of helping, we feed and fuel hate.

Instead of helping, we ignore and pass judgement.

Instead of helping, we criticize and assume.

Do you think we can ever re build our communities and begin to help each other? If we can solve or take some of these important issues below as the Main Agenda for this country instead of feeding HATE to the masses, I think we can change and make a better place to live for our children. Maybe getting to the root of these problems, we can help prevent senseless acts of violence and help those who feel helpless. Maybe I am a dreamer, but maybe I am right and maybe focusing on what we can do to prevent this is the most effective way of combating what we are afraid of, rather than feeding into it.one-of-the-reasons-people-hate-politics-is-that-truth-is-rarely-a-politicians-o-403x403-nk26c0

  1. As of January 2015, there were an estimated of 564,708 homeless people and of that 206,286 were families.
  2. In 2014, there was an estimate of 9.8 Million Adults in the United Stated considered with Severe Mental Illness.
  3. In 2014, the FBI states that 1,165,383 Violent Crimes were committed and down from 2011’s 1,206,005

A few Resources:

National Suicide Prevention: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Domestic Violence Hotline: CALL 24/7    1-800-799-7233

Community Action      CALL: 202.265.7546      http://www.communityactionpartnership.com/





UNTIL NEXT TIME…. do some good please………..

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