Final Goodbyes

Unknown-6Chloe and I are hunkering down, boots, mittens, scarfs and coats. And the landlord has yet to fix our heating unit.


Buckets of Salt purchased and winterization efforts are slowly being made. Holidays are approaching FAST and even though the holidays are in high gear now…I am in slow motion. I have little desire to have a big and fabulous holiday as almost all my friends and family are far away and we are unable to see them this year. Its a sad time for us right now and yet we know this is just growth and this will change, eventually.Unknown-5

Chloe and I worked super hard this year to buy a house in Florida, to build the “Living & Thriving” Brand and we lost a lot this year.  We fought hard though and now we sit and rest. Throughout this year we did gain some but not exactly what we had envisioned. Not to say our vision will not happen but just to say it hasn’t happened as soon as we would have liked. We are aware that our goals are just that and that we have to raise our standards. By raising our standards we can determine what we MUST have versus what we are ok with having. We need to remain positively focused on our desire out come. There is a difference between GOALS and Standards. Goals are easy, like resolutions,  but standards are more finite and are a MUST.  Our dreams are an absolute MUST and we are raising our standards in order to make our dreams reality. We will find a way and we will see our dreams coming true at a more rapid pace. For this, I am grateful for determination, willingness to change and willingness to adapt.

                                                                                               Hard work!


AND no more distractions!images-8

The year is rolling on and Chloe and I are in a limbo place. STILL. We are settling in for this winter and have decided that we are going to focus on our Gratitude and the positives that have come and are in route. 2014 is almost gone and for THAT I am grateful. Its been a very tough year and I am so looking forward to a more positive year! I am hopeful that 2015 will be the best year for us yet and that our struggles and limited resources will end. We will regain control of our lives and accept what we cannot change, right now anyway.

Chloe and I are working on our Treasure boards for 2015. I love making treasure boards and as I look at my past ones, I see many of my success’s on them prior to manifesting. This year, we add on and create in gratitude. We create In Love and in the spirit of healing.

As I go through my photos I realize how grateful I am to you, to my daughter and to myself. I have found an inner strength I didn’t realize I had, A determination to make major changes, met some really amazing people along the way  and my new will to go beyond survival. That’s what I learned and have gained from 2014.

Strength and love for and FROM you all. Thank YOU for the continued support and the faith in me and my work.

Chloe having breakfast in our Fla Home

Chloe having breakfast in our Fla Home


GOODBYE 2014, its been real

Until Next time………


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