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Rustie MacDonald to Release Her Latest Book Entitled Pride & Prejudice: A Relocation Nightmare

Rustie MacDonald, a known life coach, international radio talk show host and motivational speaker, recently announced the release her newest creation, Pride & Prejudice: A Relocation Nightmare, a book that tells her own personal story and journey as she tries to relocate with her daughter in Florida. It tells how, in the end, instead of establishing her and her daughter’s life to start a new life in Florida, she was denied and discriminated and held against her will. The book details Rustie MacDonald’s journey and the exact things that are happening to women who try to relocate and obtain their support system through the process.

Relocating is never an easy decision or an easy task. But there are always times in life when individuals will have to decide to do so. For those people who already have a family and support network to rely on in the new place, they no longer have to deal with this aspect of relocating. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Rustie MacDonald has a family she and her daughter can lean on when they decided to relocate to Florida, but outside factors prevented them from doing so. From that experience, a story was made, one that Rustie penned into a book. Her latest book will show readers the testimonies offered, the decision used that caused her job loss and poverty, the lack of investigations and the discrimination tactics used.

“Pride & Prejudice: A Relocation Nightmare” is the latest addition to Rustie MacDonald’s authored books. It will be released on January 2015. The book tells the riveting story of a woman who lost her faith in the judicial system. Writing this true story, Rustie hoped that this will serve as an inspiration to enable change in law makers. The book offers a new scrutiny in higher standard of conduct and ethics concerning the committee that oversees lawyers, judges and others related to the judicial system.

With the release of the book taking place in January, Rustie aims that this medium will start serving as a means to enable changes in the judicial system. But more than that, Rustie wants to tell women who have gone through the same endeavor, they can still find a good conclusion in the end.

Rustie MacDonald is a person who uses the personal challenges she experienced in inspiring others. She always uses her grace, compassion and humor when spreading her message. Aside from this latest book, she also authored Having Tea with My Skeletons.


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