From Vine to Delish

There are three things that I truly enjoy aside from motherhood and that is wine, cooking and being creative. I am fascinated by this new adventure I am on as I will be taking you on my virtual boat and sail around the world, vine to vine style.  We will visit amazing countries and explore vineyards, arts, traditions and of course FOOD. We will even have house parties to sample our wine of the month and explore the Gluten Free Food-a Verse.

So, welcome to my From Vine to Vine (to Delish) Series.


This month’s Wines are:   

The Reserve which is a Red Blend and Madison Ridge Chardonnay.

Madison Ridges Chardonnay is from SE Australia and this Chardonnay is becoming very popular. The average Wine Score is 88/100. This Chardonnay lays easy on your palette. It’s buttery with a complex tone. Chill accordingly. I highly recommend pairing with a mushroom appetizer or Almonds for a Snack. Veal rubbed with Tarragon, basil and encrusted with almond would also be a nice pairing. If you are not a Veal Fan, then I would recommend the same herbs but use Chicken or pork. The Tarragon will enhance this wine’s complex notes.

For Dessert? Check out my daughter’s creation: The Fruit Box.   

S.E. Australia’s art scene is a vibrant collection of Aboriginal and Colonial. The Aboriginal art can be dated as far back as 30, 000 years. An expansive wealth of color, history, and exploration of the times pressing social issues. I am looking forward to visiting myself as I am so amazed by this countries history. While sipping your chardonnay and enjoying Chloe’s banana chips, visit these artists to inspire you to paint like contemporary painter Bill Quilty or walk into the celestial world of one of my favorites Alma Nungarrayi Granites.

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The Reserve Bank is from South Africa’s Western Cape. This part of South Africa has a very diverse biological region. The terrain is perfect for growing robust reds that are rich in flavor. This is blend is considered a Rare Blend as the unique use of Grapes formulates this delight. It’s a newer Vineyard so I don’t have a Wine Score for this one. I would recommend pairing with a Ribeye, Rosemary and sage seasoned. For an Appetizer, I would go for a Sharp Cheddar, Chestnuts or Hazelnuts to bring out the boldness of this Blend. I prefer reds and this one hit the spot!

As for desert? Check out Chloe’s Fruit dips!!

The Contemporary art scene in this region is diverse and offers insight into the pressing societal issues. Charcoal and oil are the most popular mediums used and the vibrancy of the art is mouth dropping. While you sit back, sipping this blend, research some amazing South African Artists like Jane Alexander, known for her sculptures or Walter Battiss an abstract painter.

                                            Until Next time….

Bon Appetite 🙂

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