How to stay IN JOY with your work

It is said that is you will never work a day in your life IF you do what you love. I have recently left a role in which I would wake up looking forward to the day to day grind. I was “In Joy” with that role. I was being paid well, working from home, flexible schedule and the joys of a GREAT product. The company appreciated my single parent needs and allowed me to have the schedule I needed to meet Life Needs.

As life changes, companies change and well sometimes choices have to be made.  Due to my inability to relocate, I was unable to continue in this role.  This role had to come to an end and I was hopeful in finding an equaling “In- Joyable” position. As I search high and low, I am finding it difficult to find the right fit. Not unlike Goldie Locks, I too have experienced some companies as too cold, too hot or darn right too soft.

I decided a long time ago that I want to be “IN Joy” with all that I do and thatWORK, a necessity, should be something I am not only proud of but look forward to. This word would not be a 4 letter word to me ever again. “Work”, as with anything that you devote your time too and breath doing, should be an extension of yourself. This extension should be a joy and a challenge. However, there are times when we have to choose a role or company is less than desirable. 

There are too many times and places in our lives that we are left with the feeling that we HAVE too or have no choice BUT.

However, we always have a choice. The pickings might be slim at times BUT you have a choice. You have to set back and evaluate what it is that you are looking for and if in the meantime, you take a role that is NOT the perfect choice and yet is livable.

Make sure that you continue to seek the role that will make you most happy. The only joys there are are the ones you find for yourself. So, if you are happy outside of work, you should be able to be happy even in the worse working environments. But until you find your perfect role, find joys in the one you currently have.

Here are a few tips to staying “In Joy” with your work.

  1. Take 2 breaks a day to just focus on your breathing. This helps to refocus
  2. DO NOT ever take ANYTHING personally. Be a Duck in Water.
  3. Remind yourself that this is a choice and you can always choose to move outside of this role.
  4. Take 30 Minutes a day to evaluate and implement the steps you need to accomplish finding the ROLE of your dreams.
  5. Find roles with in your current position that you can volunteer for or strive to become promoted.
  6. Find Values in those you work with.
  7. DO NOT bring work home.
  8. Do more things outside of the office that YOU love.
  9. Compete with yourself to do better.
  10. Find ways to train more in what you currently do.
  11. Remember, as much as some company’s like to remind you that you are replaceable, they tend to forget that they are also replaceable.
  12. CHANGE the way YOU think!!

        Until Next time…….



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