I am My Dream

images-1Everything I am, have become, and will grow to be is based off of what I think I am. WHO I think I am and where I wish to go. It has taken me ages to TRUST that this is the truth of life. That we are more than the various lessons we are set out to learn. We are more and so very much more than what WE tend believe. We forgo the very idea of our selves in honor of what we are told we are to be, become and do. We let go at some point in child hood the “God Essence” of our dreams and become rigid to the self imposed prophecy’s of this “life Constructed” out of mostly fear based thinking. We somehow lose the innocents and dreams that we so very much lived in for the majority of our youth experience.

Somehow, we harden. Our thinking becomes more shadows and fear. The terms that we hear more often as we get older and the terms we hold on to are something like…

“You can do better than THAT

“SUCK it up. Stop crying”

“Who said life is Fair”

“We are broke and I cant purchase anything for you”

“You are a bad child! “

“What where you THINKING?”


And insert your own here………………………..


We learn that the judgments and harshness of those around us will exceed the tenderness and hugs we so desperately need. We learn, that eventually we will have to just Settle and be what comes and lose the desire to want more or to be more.


What I have found as I grow on my path, is that the closer I get to my dreams…the harder the road. The larger the criticisms become. The need to make bigger choices and bigger risks are more frequent.  But I hold steady. I hold calm. I know this IS my destiny and that I will eventually get there. I have to work harder, smarter and stay with in that DreamMy Dream.

My Goals.images-2

My destiny.

Not theirs.

Not their Fears.

I feel and have always felt “it” and yet there are distractions. Oh there are issues that arise and plenty of NAY say’ers to listen too.

However, I move forward as you should in your path of growth. Just one foot in front of the other.  And do it with ease and Grace as you truly have nothing to lose but your dream. Hold on to the dream and make it real.


Until Next time…..

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