ConstitutionI can say that a person is never too old to learn. I watch this mockery of an Election in Aw at the lack of education we have offered and wonder how we as Americans, allowed this? It’s true that we can learn something new everyday, if we want too. We make choices everyday as to whether or not we live, breath, learn and achieve. I have learned so much and am still learning. I have found value in myself, finally AND I can say that I have found peace with some old Skeletons that lurk in my “closet”. I have found that the more I breath in the circumstance, the less I feel hurt and the more I realize that I am my own happiness. Chloe and I have spent the last 5 years trying to rebuild our lives and we have fallen on our ass’s a few times. I did find that most corporations are greedy and have no care of your needs and I have realized that I was simply disillusioned to what Courts are, really. I had a fondness for the Legal system and was raised to believe that the courts were to provide justice. That the courts where to be held like delicate tea cups and one was to always be good, otherwise you would be found guilty by the courts. I was raised to believe that Judges acted in fairness and bad guys always lost. I was raised with this illusion that in America, EVERYONE had rights and everyone had access to speaking their truths, without consequence.justice B

I was never told that the constitution only applied to those over 18 and if you are under 18 you are not really considered American or a human. I was never told that human rights and civil rights had an age of 18 as well. I was raised to believe that EVERYONE in this country fell under freedom and had rights. I was never raised to believe that poor people do not fall under the constitution and that only rich folks are Americans. I was also raised to believe that Abuse is wrong and a punishable offense. Not something to mock or ignore. There are laws that are made to protect people from harm and yet, what I have LEARNED from my living in New Hampshire, was that those laws are just silly ideas that don’t actually apply.

Especially to Single Mothers and even more so to Children.

Childrens RightsI happily left a toxic marriage 5 years ago and have learned that even in leaving, the last 5 years has been nothing more than a petty experience with my Ex. A large amount of time wasted in fighting and his on going desire for “Tit for Tat” childish behaviors. With his recent desire to take Chloe away from me, against her will, and his lawyers hungry attempts to try and find criminal charges on me. He has proven that we make a choice as to whether or not we want to learn. He has proven that some people just don’t want to live in harmony. He even refuses to allow her Certified Therapy Dog to go with her on visits. His new wife has cats and that might be too much to handle. It’s a sad state of affairs when 5 years pass and I still have to get a restraining order on him. Of course, I was finally able too with the stress of having to document every single thing. It did add up and now I am protected, so to speak. So, in that, he is coming after my daughter with vengeance. In the State of New Hampshire, she is seemingly considered property. She is under 18 so she is not considered American yet as I am to understand the law. The human rights movement, civil rights and Constitution do not help her.

images7QPKPDIDWhat happened in 5 years? Oh so much and I truly wish it could have been shared, as co parents. But in learning that some people just don’t want harmony,  I have found a profound sadness for my daughter. She is an A student, incredibly gifted artist, funny as all get out, highly intelligent and was forced to grow up way to young in light of this disaster situation. She wants to travel the world and paint, draw and experience life and her father wants to stop all of that. He has even attempted to prevent her from obtaining a passport. She is one of the most compassionate and gentlest of souls who is being treated completely wrong and protecting her is not seemingly an option. I have written a detailed book on our journey which proposes a lot of questions in regards to the rights of children and the consequences of an antiquated legal system, where discretion or AKA “personal beliefs” far outweigh reality and evidence.

IMG_7056As a loving mother who wants nothing but the best for her child, I will continue to advocate for children. I will continue to write about our story and I will continue to hound the media to help reach all who wish the best for children. While, it may be too late for my daughter to have a complete childhood, I hope that her story, her smile and her sparkly blue eyes can inspire change. This would be the most honorable way to explain why she couldn’t have the best of both parents.

Once this is over, I might be able to be in complete peace as currently I have grown upset and angry at the lack of laws that could have ended this years ago. My only hope is that our story is a catalyst for  much needed Change


Until next time………………………….

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