Kindness is not DEAD, yet

1484086_10152139538796030_976679579_nI stumbled on this video today on Youtube and it caused me to tear up. So, of course I wanted to share my thoughts and of course I love your feedback. Yes, I know I am a bit of a mush BUT hear me out before you tease me.  Go watch the video for yourself and come back here.

Ok, now that you are done watching the video, let me tell you what was triggered for me and then you can see if it resonates with you.

See, I think LOVE is all that we are and should be. As these beings of LOVE we are to act loving. I am not trying to be hokey. Look, did you notice all of the individuals that just continued on their way? These folks did not stop. They did not help and most dodged the situation as though they had an allergic reaction to someone falling or hurting. Most avoided eye contact even when it was clear that help was needed.

Now, I don’t mean to imply that these folks are not loving. We will see the “compassion in the pirate” later. I just wanted to pull you into really thinking about all those who passed by with out helping. What is THAT really about? I could be snarky and point out that we are raised to “Mind our own Business” and this could be the root cause of this behavior. Uh, huh. I could also say that those reactions are fear based and most people do not want to acknowledge the very basic fact of their mortality. Maybe by helping somehow, we would indeed have to accept that in time we would need help. (shuddering at the thought)

I know I am going to live forever and well my body will be in perfect form and my mind too!


 Ok. Truth?

I will at some point start peeing myself even when not laughing or pregnant, my teeth will fall out and I will have to succumb to the fact that my hair is no longer Auburn. It will be silver or white, if I have any left. I will have to accept and embrace the fact that my bones will eventually hurt (oh wait, they already do) and that my mind could enter a zone of dementia. I will need to somehow accept that one day, my body wont be the strong, Goddess body I had. I mean, the signs are starting to show. Body parts are NOT where I left them 10 years ago. They are seemingly moving south with out permission and its frankly becoming real that I am getting older.

Ok, back to the point.

However, what I loved about this video is that if you look carefully, you will see random moments of need (Or opportunity) all over the world. Minute 2:25 really did me in. I loved how the mother stopped and brought her daughter to help him cross. In doing so, she taught that no matter what, help is first and foremost. This is a very valuable lesson to teach each other, adult and child a like. We need to take a step back and undo what we have become as a group. We need to not fear vulnerability. In order to not fear it, we need to actually have each others backs. Currently, most of us do not.

Here is my theory.

We are so busy in our own worlds attempting to make the largest fortune, our mark in the world, to marry right, to raise our children with many of our own expectations, to judge, to criticize and to tune out reality. We focus on these things to a point of self-destruction. We choose to fill our heads with noise rather then stand and listen. We walk in a hurried busy pace attempting to get somewhere and ensuring we will not be were we are in that very moment. Why would we want to be in the moment? We would have to stand still and listen. And breath. For some, this is scary.

So, in saying that, I really want to express that most of these people who did not stop to help, probably had NO clue as to what was really going on. They where not in the MOMENT! They were deep inside their noisy head. They are more interested in their world rather then THE world. Therefore, they can be forgiven. Right?

See, I believe there is a difference between being part of your own world vs the world we are all apart of. We have developed this skill amazingly. We have become VERY good at putting on blinders, withdrawing from other human contact and disengaging our emotional selves. We are becoming less community and more Auto Bots. We are not as engaged with our peers, families and loved ones as our species once was.We relay heavily on machines to do our bidding and our fears to do our avoiding. Therefore, our level of emotional common sense is decaying.

If we take time and observe our surroundings, we will see so many wonderful things.images-9

We will  be able to see the opportunities to help others in need. Yes, I did say opportunity. We will learn on a deeper level what life really is and has to offer. We will have the time to relax our thinking and allow understanding. We will offer a new perspective to others and ourselves. We will be refreshed and know that we are loving beings doing some really wonderful things. We have two hands to lend and there are folks who need to borrow them. We will choose to walk slower. We will accept that sometimes we will have challenges but those challenges are never permanent. We will spill coffee or a drink on ourselves, as we are already late for work. But it won’t matter because we now accept that this will happen from time to time. Maybe, we will even laugh about it.

We will have less noise in our heads so that we can allow better judgments and more laughter over things that really don’t matter. We will no longer take stock into the negatives and negative people. We will be able to allow more laughter and have less fear. We will begin to live in ease and become healthier. We will indeed be kinder and more observant. We will become Helpful. Which will cause us to smile more and this may cause wrinkles. So, embrace those wrinkles because laughter is soul food.

For me? BRING on the wrinkles because if I am going to eventually pee myself often, it better be in “belly button popping” laughter.  I wanna earn my wrinkles and enjoy helping as many people as possible.  I will walk slow, listen intently and I will wear my “Love Work Boots” everyday. I want them to become warn and wrinkly too.


Until Next time………




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One comment on “Kindness is not DEAD, yet
  1. Sam says:

    Youre so cool! I do not believe I have read through something like this before.
    So nice to find someone with unique thoughts on this issue.
    Really.. thanks for starting this up.
    This website is one thing thats needed on the internet, someone with some originality!

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