The greatest joy in my life is being with my child. She is amazing to me and so gifted. I love her more than anything and watch her grow with such awe. I have 4 children. 2 lost through Miscarriage, 1 lost to hate and my Chloe. There is nothing more exciting then to watch her grow into the amazing young women that she will be. She was given so many opportunities here that she has never had. She is so loved and supported by a very large community. She has so many folks rallying for her greatest and highest good. And she has a few that do not serve her highest good.  I know that our lives have been made painfully difficult by outside sources, but in time that will all be in the past. Eventually she will be 18 and she has already made it perfectly clear her desire for her life.

They can not hurt us forever.

I can say that my examples of mother hood where not the best. One was angry and abusive. The other was very conditional. She always had to have it her way and being independent was never appreciated. I think they both taught me to be a compassionate mother and what love is and is not. I also know what my daughter faces with her other half. And in that I work towards remaining positive, even when I don’t want to be.  I refuse to set an example for her that would give her the idea to give up. I remain as strong as I can be, even though I have large titans battling me.

I know that they will try to continue to hurt us. The good news is that we are stronger, wiser and clear about what we want in our lives and what we don’t want. Those who candidly support domestic violence and Child Abuse are being exposed, albeit slower than we hoped. I will stay on course, focused on my tasks as I am strong and I will continue to fight for her rights. For Childrens rights.

That is True LOVE.

That is what MOTHERHOOD is about.

So, in saying all of that. I guess the best part of my life is being a mother to an outstanding child who will go far in her life. Even though some are doing their best to hold her down and hold her back. I know she is going to prevail through all of this. Her power is within herself and she matters. She has a voice and is deeply loved.

No one can take that from her even though they keep trying.

Until next time…………….

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