Motivating your TEAM

I am a true believer in Leadership and am less likely to respond positively to “Management”. I don’t enjoy being barked at or told what to do. Micro Management is something that is outdated and provides a work environment of insecurity and fear.  I am getting older and find that I am now, officially, a responsible adult and thus, appreciate being treated as such. I have also found that in order for me to become motivated, I need something or someone to inspire me.

I know that I respond better to leaders who are able to get into the trenches with me and help me get over whatever hurdles I am experiencing. I love professionals and those who listen instead of speak. I think that those who listen are much wiser than those who speak.

I find critical thinking, ego free and questioning types, the most worth being inspired, by as they take time to really assist an employee grow. I do see that sometimes, the role isn’t a fit for the person and a leader would dig that out quickly to help the company grow in the direction that is most needed.

I do not respond well if a sudden meeting hits the isle and interrupts the entire row or if I am on the phone and someone decides to use my conversation, that is clearly only heard one sided, as a moment to train. This never motivates me and I find it incredibly rude to both the person who is on the phone BUT the person who is dialing the number.

In order to motivate a team, don’t be hoaky. A person can offer all types of incentives, but if they are not respected, the incentives don’t really matter. If you have the attitude that “Its easier if I do it myself.” I recommend for you to find a job as a short order cook or a position that does not require working with other people. If you want to motivate your team to success, understand they are HUMAN and often hungry to learn and to be inspired. Learn about the strengths and weakness of each team player and USE that to your team’s advantage.

As a collective, you can build an empire of amazing employees by being critical and strategic with each person natural abilities and weaknesses. This will benefit the growth and branding of your company.

Follow these tips over the next 21 days and see how your team begins to blossom.

  1. Be available.
  2. Don’t be Assuming.
  3. LISTEN!
  4. Be respectful to the work environment.
  5. Learn to be Patient.
  6. Ask Questions, never demand
  7. Feed them knowledge
  8. Feed them gratitude
  9. Feed them food (always a winner)
  11. SPEAK less

                                                                                  Until next time……………


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