Oh, my word? Anger!

justice BI write often and maybe not very well, but I write. I write and blog, even though I don’t think very many people read my thinking or feelings. I still write. I write my thoughts, my feelings and my perspective. I write about my motivations and my pain. I write about my growth and about my mistakes. I just need to write. Every now and then someone says something about what I have written and I smile with my tilted head.  I see! You Did read my work. I just write and for the most part, I am stunned when someone actually reads my work.

For the most part, I think that my words float out into space and bounce off asteroids, planets and beams of light. Maybe my words fill with radiation and burst into the sun’s gases or they fumble around the moon in hopes to find a home. Maybe, my words help someone in space as much as they help me to share. Maybe, one day my words will rally enough people to end poverty and end abuse.  My words are, after all, mine that I share with the Universe. I use my words as I wish and I wish to make a difference in the lives of everyone. But sometimes, my words, hit deaf ears and sometimes my words are to be argued with rather than heard.

I have a lot of words and I have a lot to share. I am battling two Goliaths and even when using my words to ask others for help, I get echos of nothingness back. I am a lone. Every now and then I get a hi five or a shout out from across the planet but when it comes to the dirty deed of standing next to me, holding my hand and shouting together to make a difference. I get dust bunnies. This is why I am surprised that on occasion my words get read. I write, write, write and write some more. I share our painful story of abuse and poverty and than I write even more.



Legislators, Governors, Senators, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Newspapers, Tv Stations….I write and write and write. I share stories of injustice, of poverty and of abuse. I write. I write with the intention of being heard. With the desire to rally folks to end such travesties. But as of late, losing my battles with the Goliaths, I feel my writing is ineffective. I feel unheard. I feel unworthy of garnering the much needs supports to make large improvements in our world.

I feel as though I might be getting angry.

verbal abuseI perfectly understand the addiction to anger. I never really understood it before. My Ex is a very angry man. He lives in his anger, wallows in his self pity and destroys everyone in his path in his fits of rage. Its scares all of us who know his inner monster. I never understood why he is so addicted to it until now. Now that I feel anger. See, anger gives your spine a lift upright and hardens it. It fills your chest with a sense of authority while it bubbles through your veins with a sense of invincibility. The taste of anger fills your mouth with a strange delight and as you feel anger taking over, there is a sense of indestructibility. Anger closes your heart. Anger makes a person dangerous. Oh my word, does that feel powerful. What is more dangerous than a person who has nothing left to lose and is filled with this rushing emotion known as anger?

So, I write. I write to let the moon and stars know that I am now feeling angry. I am tired of fighting these monsters alone and I am tired of knowing that I can’t get my words to the right ears and rally up a team of fighters. I am no longer disillusioned that the New Hampshire Courts are Just. I know they are not. They encourage, support and demand poverty and abuse. This is what I truly believe now. Maybe this issues are not  just a New Hampshire issue?  Maybe it’s a Human issue. Maybe all of my “fights” are about humans doing bad things to other humans and it’s not a law, race, gender or even a political party. It’s not a democrat thing or a Republican Thing. It’s a HUMAN thing. It is YOUR thing. My thing. OUR thing.Unknown-1

It’s just bad people doing bad things to hurt other people.

I believe I am getting angry…..Some ask me what in the world would I have to be angry about? Oh, those who dont read or hear.

Let’s start here……

Look at what’s happening with the Dakota Pipeline? I wonder if the idiots who decide that drilling into ancient burial grounds really thought about how hateful that is? If they didn’t care that it is ancient burial grounds, does that mean they will look into the Arlington Cemetery next? Or the big Banks that put families out on the streets so that they can make a profit? Or how about the fact that “we the people, for the people, by the people” makes absolutely no difference as the government clearly seems not to give a flying ….hamster… (ahem)  about our well beings.

The Majority of this country is sitting in awe watching as there is an overwhelming amount of STUPID, POINTLESS shit happening and an overwhelming increase in the amount of abuse and poverty.us-poverty-resizecrop2


Because we, the majority are not heard.The policy makers design policies in the comfort of their own wealth and rarely have any of these folks have actually walked in our shoes. Do you honestly think that “The Don” understands poverty or how to change it? He doesn’t give a flying….turtle! He is thrilled to be the center of attention and that’s all he has ever demonstrated that he cares about. Other than demeaning women.  Do you actually think that anything is going to change when it comes to those “leeching” off the system when the policy makers can not stand up and provide jobs to their own people rather than shipping them overseas?  I mean our very own government must think we are so incompetent that they ship our food over seas to be packaged and shipped back to the US. The government has even stopped us from knowing if we have chinese chicken or American. Why? Why do they not want us to know? Because we might get angry and we might write and rally and use our words to end the purchasing of said products, which will make these fellas less rich in the end.

I am writing,writing and writing. I will continue to write, bang on doors and I will continue to fight. Do I hope that you will join me? YES!!

Do I think that WE, the majority need to belly up? YES.

Do I think that we, majority are not heard? YES

Why are we not heard? Because we, the Majority are NOT LOUD ENOUGH to be heard. Stop sitting there in AWE and stand up. Rattle your Cages. GET pissed! Stomp your FEET. Line up and SAY ENOUGH with the BS, lies and corruption. I want my home back! I want my Country Back! I want this to end as we are the majority and we say so.

The way we do fight back is in writing, in Standing up and saying “BYE FELCIA” to those who infringe on our human rights. We rally and gather to be heard. We do this with our words, we channel our anger and we do not destroy. We raise each other up! We step into the line, in peaceful protest and we offer our bodies, minds and words to protest. These issues are not political. These issue are not to be ignored. Our fellow Americans are suffering. They are HURTING. They are struggling. They are HUMAN. Our Government is clearly no longer human. WE, the majority are and we, the majority need to stand up for each other. For Human sake!

We stand together, United and no longer divided as WE the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE, BY the People have simply had enough. So which ever asteroid gets hit with my words today, please Asteroid, share them far and wide. Please HELP end poverty, homelessness, abuse and PLEASE Universe do it today!

Until next time……………………



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