Only in The Best Interest

ChangingOnly in the Best Interest
The child sees her mommy sad
Mommys rights taken away
because of her Dad

Only in the Best Interest
The Courts fail a little girl
showing her that men rule the world

Only in the Best Interest
Does the Child learn she has no voice

The Judge Declared she has NO choiceChildrens Rights

Only in the Best Interest
Does the GAL fail in “sight”
teaching the little girl that he
knows nothing from wrong or right

Only in the Best Interest

He argues, fuss’s and cuss’s

Asking questions she can’t answer

nor can she understand

Only in the Best Interest

She cant go to dance school

Rarely. Sleepovers with her friends

She has lost soccer and birthday parties againJesus20as20a20Child

Only in the Best Interest
does the child see her mother cry
because no friends and Family can stop by

Only in the Best Interest
Moms supports are too far
Too Close to her heart
Dad doesnt want Mom to
have a fresh start

Only in Best Interest
Does Mom have to work 3 jobs
and is now always too tired
to do what she used
to love too do

Only in the Best InterestIMG_5440.jpg
Can Daddy still hurt mommy
the Judge says its “OK,
they have to get along some day”

Only in the Best Interest
I have learned to be afraid
I decided I don’t want to be
a mommy because if this
Best Interest for my child
is to hurt like my mom

Well, its in the Best Interest of my child
not to have her at all.

Only in the Best Interest
I am pretty sure I don’t want to marry
As we all now know Divorce is super scary.
Cause its only in Best Interest…..

HurtOnly in the Best Interest
is more like a
Prison where women have to fight
and men get to glisten
take away all of their rights

Only in the Best Interest

A man can rule with a broken heart
leaving his children to hurt from the start
Because its only in his Best Interests…..

Until Next Time…..

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