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10676240_962234600473222_2459592732043810990_n[2]A Journey of A Thousand Steps CoverIN PRIDE & PREJUDICE: A RELOCATION NIGHTMARE

For Immediate Release:

Rustie MacDonald is a brave lady who has faced many issues in her life. She was forced to live in poverty as the 7th District Court denied their relocation to save her job. She is the single parent of her daughter and is currently living at 127% below poverty level in the State of New Hampshire. According to the 7th Circuit Court Judge, Ms. Rustie MacDonald and her daughter can live easily in just $250 per week. She is trying her best to fight against the inequities of the Legal System in the State of New Hampshire.

Ms. Macdonald is the coauthor of “The women of spirit”, author of “Having tea with my skeletons”, and coauthor of “Tainted elegance”. She is going to release a new book named, “In Pride & Prejudice: A Relocation Nightmare”. Through this book, she wishes to create awareness among the people of New Hampshire regarding their rights. She will be holding a press conference in March to discuss the release of her book as well as her documentary, named “The 84%”, which discusses the poverty in NH and why 54% of single mothers are forced to live in Poverty. Ms. Rustie will also talk about the domestic violence and the effects of it on the entire family. All she is trying to do is to fight against these in equalities caused by the Government and the ineffective Legal System of New Hampshire. They are not taking any serious action against the increasing poverty and she feels that something has to be done. According to her, as more jobs are sent overseas, the homeless rates, the poverty levels, and the drug abuse increase and this cycle continues, causing the communities to struggle.

Although is it very late, Ms. Macdonald says that she has to start somewhere because is it better to be late than never. The hourly wage rate in New Hampshire is $8.33 which is better than nothing. However, looking at the average rent price of $1000 a month and the ever so increased rates of other basic necessities, one has to work 80 hours a week just to bring home approximately $574 per week. Ms. Rustie Macdonald feels this pain so badly because she has gone through all these miserable conditions and is still going through them. The other point she has raised is that one cannot possibly manage a healthy lifestyle working 80 hours and if you talk about a single mother, she cannot raise her children properly in such conditions.

The data of New Hampshire say that it has a population of 1,326,813 (US Census 2014), poverty rate is 15.4%, children living in poverty are 9.4%, unemployment rate is 3.4%, and above all, the minimum wage $7.25. This data tell us the complete story and the motivational factor behind Ms. Macdonald`s book “In Pride & Prejudice: A Relocation Nightmare”. All she wants from the world is to join her as she fights to end the laws, the shame and the pain associated with poverty. All these aspects of a miserable life will be discussed in her new documentary, “The 84%”.

For more information:

Rustie Macdonald at

Po Box 1362

Dover, NH 03821

or log on to

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