Radio Show Line up for 2014-Booked Until 2015

How very grateful I am to have such a full list. This will be updated as the rest of the dates are confirmed but here it the 2014 Line Up! Tune in!! I will also continue to look for Sponsors as I have enough guests to continue booking for 2 more years. I would LOVE this show to be 5 days a week! 


JUNE 2014:

Sundays 6:30 PM EST:

6/1 –Amy Rose, Country Singer

6/8-Jggly Jones, Americana Singer

6/15-Janet Nestor, Author of “Mindful Pathways”

6/22-Niema & OT of Knot your Typical Radio Talk

6/29 Geoff Laughton, Relationship Coach

Wednesdays 1pm EST:

6/4- Matt Casale, Comedian

6/11- Jamelle Saunders, Empowerment Coach.

6/18-Teresa Roberts, Author “Why I married a Murderer and How I survived the Divorce”

6/25-Josey Milner, Singer, Songwriter

July 2014:

Sundays 6:30 pm EST

7/6-Theresa Campbell, “Are you there God?”images

7/13-Robert Kopecky, Author

7/20-Pastor Doug Briney, Pastor and Country Musician

7/27-Joe Crawford, Comedian

Wednesdays 1pm EST

7/2-Jennifer Hill, Intuition Nutrition

7/9-Chad Stone, “The Babe Magnet”

7/16-Marshall Dane, Singer Song Writer

7/23- Jim Lang, Author, Speaker

7/30 David Clark, “Different Strokes for Different Folks, Host”

imagesAugust 2014:Sunday 6:30 pm EST:

8/3 Carol Whitaker, Author “Ridiculously Happy!”

8/10-Doug Hess, Author “CEO: Lessons from Wall Street for a Winning Attitude.” 

8/17-Xander-Muscian and Song Writer

8/24-Val Logan, D.D., C.C.H., “unique clairaudient Keeper of the 10 Secrets”

Wednesday 1pm EST

8/6- 67Tom Evans, Living Timefully and How to Channel Your Book

8/13-Toni Henderson-Mayers, Author “Wise Courtship”

8/20-Marnie Swedberg, Author, Coach

8/27-Debbie Pokornik, Chief Empowerment Officer


September 2014:

 Sundays 6:30 pm EST:

9/7-Kelli Smith Author- “Surviving the First Five: Insightful Encouragement for the Newly Married”

9/14-Jacqlyn Marcell, Author of “Caregiving, Alzheimer’s, ‘Type 3 Diabetes”

9/21-Chris Vaca, “Age Should Never Be An Excuse For Not Succeeding”

9/28-Miss Abigail Rich, Model, Actress, Playboy Bunny & Inspirational Speaker

Wednesday 1pm EST:

9/3-Dr Kathy Gruver- host of the TV series; The Alternative Medicine Cabinet

9/10-ED Roman- Ontario-based indie rock singer/songwriter

9/17-Susyn -Astrologer

9/24-Joe Nunz- Spiritual Selling and Karma Buster


October 2014:

Sunday 6:30 pm EST:


10/12-Geo Derice, A Motivational Speaker for YOUTH

10/19-Micheal Russer, HARDLY BROKEN – One man’s journey to extraordinary intimacy in the face of full impotence

10/26- Lynn Sandberg, “Heaven on Earth: A Biblical Model for Parenting”


Wednesday 1pm EST


10/8 Chris Alexandria International

Your Transformational Coach With Angelic Insight

10/15- Chris Hennessy,CEO & Executive Producer/Director, TOUCHED BY HANNAH,




November 2014

Sunday 6:30 PM EST


11/9- Renetta J. Cochran, President/CEO, Be Reel Productions, LLC

11/16-Joanie Bolton, Author of Unwashed Hands

11/23-Michelle Borquez, THE YOU PLAN: A Christian Woman’s Guide for a Happy, Healthy Life after Divorce

11/30- Donna Petrecco, Author of Meaning of Truth

Wednesday 1pm EST

11/5 Ranee Alison Spina, M.A., Award-Winning Author & Speaker, Holistic Health & Sexuality Educator




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