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421724_367490679947620_1226413156_n copyJanuary 7th 2012, I woke up with a jolt! See, I had been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how I could get a lot more of me out there in the world. When I woke that morning I jolted out of my bed and right to my computer! In College I hosted a radio show and with all this technology, why couldn’t I host one now? Did I need to renew my FCC license?  All these questions and more filled my head. So, after some research, Living & Thriving was born.

My intention for this show is to offer as many options for healing, inspiring and awareness to each of you as you walk down your path. The show is all about tying your mind, body and soul together.  You have to have all three happily functioning to truly be happy.

In 2013, the shows popularity and demand has caused me to host on an additional night. So, 2014 I will be on Sunday Nights, 6:30 EST and Wed 1PM EST.

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Please feel free to send me your story, comments, feedback or even people who you believe would be a terrific guest on my show.