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13626389_1315503138479698_2816247398129408953_nThe trees are covered in spanish moss, like lace on a gown. The summer is hot and the storms are fierce. The water here is like a cozy bath and the birds are so large I fear for Bella at times. She is so little. The conversations and hugs are worth every mile driven and the fresh fruits just melt in our mouths. Its our time to venture south and appreciate what we are forced to miss the rest of the year due to Ego. The summer has been a world win of emotions, adventures and reconnections. We have no intentions to move back and that has offered us a chance to have closure. However, Chloe was told before we left that she needed to fear gators as they will eat her. She was filled with anxiety AGAIN over a persons need to control and intimidate her. Unfortunately for this person, Chloe is wise and catching on to the game as well as I am southern and have plenty of folks to help teach her how to be wise. She is now seeing the value of honesty, integrity and love. We are very supported and it’s been amazing to me. Humbling and even though this trip has a little fear in it, it’s become the most rewarding thing Chloe and I have done in some time. 13627224_1312995482063797_4888174998912703786_n

I am so very happy to have spent time with cousins and watching the generations play. It was so comforting to know how safe we are there and how if need be, we would be very protected. See, my family was denied so many times in my marriage and even discriminated in the court room as reason for us not to relocate. They didn’t do anything to deserve it.  My Ex and his lawyer saw it as a game and how much they ended up hurting so many with out guilt is a disgrace.  Now, we are able to freely enjoy our lives together again. The stories of child hood and memories of our times together where shared with the next generation. I think Chloe has a better understanding of where I come from and how much easier her life is. She also is now well aware of “the way” of the south. It’s a culture for sure.

Chloe was able to swim in her cousin’s pool next to the lake and she was able to listen to how the southern draw can sound like a muffle sound if you don’t have a keen ear. She has eaten true southern cheesy grits and learned about sugar ants. She painted, played video games and slept like she hasn’t slept….. ever. Her summer, thus far has been adventure, relaxation and SAFE.

A reality that was not offered in our past, up North.

13245267_1282594045103941_6786239340007967068_nThe most revealing part was that with the cousins,  it was as though time never passed by us. Not much has changed with the cousins and at this point, I don’t think it ever will. They are still as feisty, southern and loving as ever! The drive to our destination is technically 27 hours however, with the love of family and friends we have spent a week on this adventure and frankly I have caught up on my sleep. I was pretty worn down. I didn’t realize how stressed I have been until this trip. This time with friends and family, plus the heat has forced me to slow down and rest. Its forced me to contemplate our lives and to seek out the legal help we need to assure that no more harm will be done. Its amazing how Chloe has rights in other states but not in New Hampshire. We are moving forward with our lives and even though to one person this is a game, I think that eventually the law will outweigh the EGO that seems to want to push us down and continue to hurt us.

I do however need to point out that I have nothing but best wishes for ‘those who are in need of correction’. They too, need to take a deep breath and remind themselves of the value of relationships, life and how quickly it can all change. (Those folks will be nameless and evidently claim to read my writings so they will know who they are.) The time has come to know that I am no longer going to take the verbal, emotional abuse that has been offered. Chloe and I have done nothing wrong.

                 I deserve better and so does my daughter.

Chloe and I are on a pilgrimage and its been amazing. I don’t know where we will “end up” but we are protected, safe and feeling invigorated. We have our destination but there are many paths and many choices to make this summer. With the help of a legal team, friends, family and the media, I think we will be just fine. We are growing, learning about who we are and what it is that we want. That’s how to live life. That’s how to GROW.

I have spent the last 4 years fighting for our freedom and this summer we will have it.Its been a battle of the Titans for sure and not worth all the energy and money spent to fight for the inevitable but that’s the way I was forced to be.

Now, we are Free. Seed popping out



Until next time………………………….


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