Self Destruct ends now

images-4I have learned the hard way that life isn’t simple. I was not raised simply. I am not living in a world of simple. I am surrounded by trials and tribulations. I am engulfed in the flames of other people’s judgements, criticism and perceptions.

Everywhere I turn, in this very electronic world, I see shaming, hear shaming, see demeaning commentary and see the brutal acts of those who missed the opportunity to get the help they needed before they let all discretion loose and did something unforgettable. I see the pain and suffering. The fear and the senseless acts of violence that we, as humans, offer each other.shame-graffiti

I see the sensitivities and how people are defensive at all times, charging everyone else with fault. I feel the hurt that children suffer as they are learning to navigate in a world of hate, hostility and irrationality. I watch social media suck strangers into petty snarky fights that have nothing to do with the fans but they get sucked in anyway. I see how people use social media posts to site wrong doing. I also see people posting some pretty stupid self-incriminating things and often wonder why.

I watch people become more addicted to drugs, alcohol and to video games. These are now becoming the outlets that people use as people are destroying each other. I watch as people become impoverished and how the world seems to accept this. I am raising a child at 127% below poverty and am shamed often.DarwinCharles-Misery800px

I have watched the decline of humans and am so sad to say we really are the focus of self-destruction. Frankly, the few who are courageous, refuse to act in this manner. Refuse to engage in judgement, Refuse to make assumptions or to criticize. They refuse to use God or Spiritualty as a cause to harm others. They simply refuse to use anger as a weapon. Those who are brave don’t turn on their tv’s or engage in social media pettiness. Those who are strong, deny this popular desire in “lack of accountability” of actions and encourage and strengthen those who are in need of a hand. Those who are my hero’s, fight through this tide of crap and lend hands to those in need without regard to self.Take Courage

Those who are in need, please know there are a few of us out there. Don’t fear asking. The true courage is when you get up, one more day, to try again. Sometimes, that takes strength and really big balls. The world can seem ugly. People can act ugly. But believe me, there is sparkle. Just get up and look harder. Once you find it, please share that sparkle as we are the only ones who will heal this world. I need your help to share that sparkle and I need your fight to change the way we treat each other. I need you.


…………………until next time……………….


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