The Duck

duckI watch the ducks floating along the ocean. Its certain that this is a dangerous thing to do. I wonder if they know this or if they are completely comfortable with the knowing that at any given point, a predator will pop up and eat them.

Or maybe, this is a human knowing and the duck is simply in a blissful state of peaceful bobbing in the salty waters, with the breeze dancing across its feathers and the angry boats flying by. The duck acts so cool and at times will dip under the water to catch what it sees in the corner of its peaceful eyes. The rocks glisten. The Air is perfect. The salty smell of sea with a dash of diesel. The breeze is so perfect today that it prevents the direct sunlight from being a threat to my skin. The duck bobs along while the boats steadily and angrily trespass on the ducks right of way. The cars hurriedly drive over the bridge in a frantic desire to play a game of Parking lot Dance at the big box stores. Its Saturday you see and shopping must be done.boat

The duck bobbles, dives and floats.

Novice Fishermen float along slowly hungrily waiting for their catch only to be dismayed at the size of it and having to throw it back. All the while, a fat happy bubble bee bounces from flower to flower unaware that its pollinating the falls beauty as the duck bobs along in peace.  The pigeons on the bridge shift their position and the private planes amusingly try to keep up with their commercial counter parts. The delicious misty clouds slide by, sometimes playing hide and seek with the Suns fiery rays. Dark clouds aggressively roll in to challenge the peaceful Misty clouds. The air smells of a salty rain and the softness of today can only mean that summer is on its way. The stickiness of the melted Popsicle on the picnic bench catches my sleeve as I write. Its hopeful of the times to come, see the sweet times and all about summer time.

An army planes roars overhead, dancing to a hurried rhythm of “Getting it DONE”. All the while the duck just floats along, sometimes diving to catch what it sees in the corner of its peaceful eyes. The Fat bubble bee continues to prance around flower to flower with no desire for monogamy. The dance of procreation is on and nature is in full press. The Ants frantically and yet in order press on in search looking for whatever the humans dropped from their first summer picnic.nature

Concrete buildings try to show grandeur in between the amazing Oaks, Maples and birches. The display is strange. Houses litter the shore line with the overwhelming knowing of human financial hunger and the orange markers scatter across the water with hope for the lobster-man families and a brighter future. Bobbing and Buoys lazily scatter the water. The American Flag waves with a steady grace on top of a bridge that’s being built for the hurried drivers anxious to do that parking lot dance at the big box store.

All the while, the duck bobs and dives sometimes for the thing that caught the corner of its peaceful eye. The seaweed stays steady and strong to protect the fragile and a fallen branch from a maple floats freely down the ocean as though it’s the next LockNess monster. The birds know the truth and sit on their new portable transportation. They can safely indulge in the Suns rays without the worry of the predators below. If they know that they exist like humans know The breeze dances across their feathers as they float by and the fat bubble bees so hungry its like an addict looking for its next fix. The boats angrily fly through the water and the hurried drivers pass by as they anticipate their upcoming parking lot dance at the local big box store. The seaweed remains steady, protecting the most fragile while the trees try to help the concert fit into such an organic space.bee

All the while the rocks stay glistening in the rich ocean moisture and stand strong as the observers of all that moves.

Like the duck who just bobs along, sometimes diving to catch what it sees in the corner of its peaceful eyes……

Until Next time…….


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