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venice 3Time.

It’s always about TIME.

In a matter of one week I was interviewed 9 times and offered 5 jobs. Chloe was awarded two art camp scholarships and one art class scholarship. She was also given a scholarship to the Boys-n-girls Club. She was also interviewed by a local newspaper in regards to her work and participation at the Art Center.

Pretty fantastic!!!!….

                                if I do say so myself! (GLEEMING with PRIDE!!)

None of this would have ever been possible in New England. The resources are so minimal there. Every day we see a rainbow and we enjoy sitting at the Jetty watching the dolphins, hawks and seagulls. The water is emerald green and the life is amazing! Every day, there is something new to explore and frankly we both feel safe here. We recently learned that Bella is allergic to Wasps and that her poor little paws are targets for the Fire Ants. She is hesitant to use the Grass at this point. Poor little thing. We have yet to run into an alligator or be eaten by a shark as Chloe was told would most definitely happen and we have yet to see any crime.  The Median age here is 70 and the town is locked up tight at 9 pm. This is not a party area for sure.

Chloe loves the seemingly never ending possibilities of her new school and the Art programs are so abundant here. There is always something to do and yet the pace is super slow……

It’s Island Living for sure.simonedebeauvoir145806

Days merge into another and time seems to be fleeting….

We are settling in as best as we can and my ex has recently decided that due to our success’s here and too the fact that I won’t sign off on his very strange and inappropriate parenting proposal, he wants to retract his offer to allow us to stay. If I sign off on his request to not pay Chloe’s College, her health Insurance, Child support, and more, he might change his mind, according to the letter I received.

Yes, you hear it first.

ALLOW us……

I guess even in the good ol’ US of A, women are still to be property and we clearly are too ‘feeble minded’ to make our own way or to make our own choices. They must be made for us. Clearly, success, joy and Unknownhappiness are not allowed in our life. It can only be offered to others and we get to sit back and watch. I truly believe at this point that going back to be jobless and homeless is not in the best interest of either of us and yet it seems appealing to him.

(Sigh. I am trying to not be bitter about this. I am healing through this and working on a better way of thinking about our situation.)

The problem is I am tired and frankly, I have no desire to play this game any longer. No matter what I do, there will be a NO offered and an apathetic claim to wanting to help but then refusal in helping. Then we will receive a new set of ridiculous demands and of course more retraction of promises. For Chloe, she is furious as she was also told that our move was happening and now told he refuses to allow it.  It’s been so hard over the last 2.5 years and everytime we turn around we loss something else. We have been forced to struggle and our options, resources and dreams have all been denied. This of course causes us to have NOTHING.





Why? Because there is one person who has the money to pay for our suffering. In #newHampshire, its all about the pocket book and not about the laws or cause. So, in saying that, the #bestinterest theory is only a political game. If best Interest was honestly the reason, we would not be in such a state of poverty.

So, what are we going to do?

I am not sure what we can do but I am sure neither of us have any interest in going back for anything more than a visit. We do miss our friends but we don’t miss the struggle of living there. We don’t miss the antiquated legal system that allows and encourages Domestic Violence and we certainly don’t miss the lack of safety. The pressure Unknown-1and stress is enormous and funds are almost non-existent. We do have a GO Fund Me page and have had support from some friends and family over this last month with cheering us on. We could not be more grateful.

If you want to cheer us on and support our situation or even to help get my book published, please don’t hesitate. Our Address is 1532 Hwy 41 #163, Venice FL 34293

You can also Email  or CALL your local News Paper or blog about us. Interviews, talks and making this story public is really important. The laws will not change if we don’t stand up and make the necessary changes by speaking up for each other. Sometimes, all it takes is an email to a news paper or even sharing with a friend.

Now, if I can only publish my book……..but I need help editing and the funding to get it printed.

It’s a matter of time before the courts will have no choice but to listen to her needs. I just wish it was more peaceful and amicable. I wish that there was more co-parenting and more mutual joy in raising this amazing child. I wish there was less stress. I wish that we did not have to live in FEAR and that we did not have to worry about what’s going to happen next.

So, we do what we can and do the best we can. That all I can do at this time. There is so much more I wish I could publicly share but I cannot at this time. So please,please and more please’s, send our story around the world! Help us change this system and help get our story out.

10350636_780704125283137_15372647238467622_nEventually we will have freedom……hopefully sooner than later.

Until next time………………..







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