The Negatives

431425_4434405019118_1370128796_n1I do face the fact that negative attitudes are not only in our lives but seems to be very global. We are often bombarded with images on the news about someone, somewhere doing something to offend someone else. Or worse, murder, mass influxes of groups hurting other groups over some absurdity. I often wonder why we are so cruel and almost hopeless as a species. My petty post-divorce dramas are often based off of one persons ‘want’ to stay in anger at the other. It usually childish and well, only builds up as the angry one continues to make things more difficult then needs be. Like, paying half for their child’s much needed glasses or her much beloved ballet class. Instead, this person wants to be in court as it drags out for the negative attention.

Living this is tolerable as I know it’s only temporary.

But to see the world acting the same way….over what?

There are moments when you realize that no matter what you do or what you say will ever make a difference in a a06cd913c598da7e57d07e0096791a41person’s mind. I am often reminded that even in simple parenting tasks, my daughter only has one parent who works towards her health, happiness and her goals. Any request or mention of getting help from the other parent is often met with hostility, anger and just plain ignoring me. This often troublesome obstinacy is a sign that one person us unable to cope and handle the responsibility of parenthood because their anger is far more important to them. The good news is that it is really almost over, for us. There will come a time that I will no longer even offer any requests. So, in saying that, he will be pleased as he will no longer be asked to help with his child. BUT as a member in a world that seems to embrace this very same behavior…will that be over soon too?

  • Why is it that people feel compelled to illicit hurt for others?
  • When did hostages, slavery and murder become a subject that is accepted and embraced?
  • Are we ever going to be a world that offers love, compassion and dignity to ourselves and others?
  • Will we ever stop fighting each other?
  • Will we, as a people, stand up against the minority of politicians that encourage this behavior?
  • Why do some have to manufacture stories just to cause harm to others?


I know I am a dreamer. A wisher. A hopeful human that prays that we are able to get our shit together as a species and stop this disgrace on all of our societies. Disgrace on our people. I don’t like watching our world implode and to see that even a red coffee cup causes such rage while child hood poverty is accepted. I am often confused by the malice and the misplacement of disgust that bellows from the news waves. Its clear to me that we have become a world that is upside down and confused as to where we need to send our energies too. Now how do we fix it before its too late?

My divorce was a pleasing easy thing to end….

This world’s pain? I don’t know where to begin….

I don’t know…its food for thought…..

Until Next time……………….


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