The Silver Lining & Healing through Adversity

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There is a combination of ice and rain falling today. It’s warm but my car is frozen. The clouds are thick and there is a gentle cold “bite” to the air. I feel refreshed in a way. Today will be the day that we make changes in our life. This frosty rain, of course reminds me of my latest journey and how difficult it has been to find peace in New Hampshire. Aside from the very fact the court is antiquated and refuses to assist my daughter in growing up healthy, the area in which we moved as an emergency is riddled with drugs, poverty and hate. My heart is sad today as I know that I just have to go through the motions and I have to do all of this alone as my friends and family are very far away. The 7th District court denied our relocation which not only exhausted my savings in the fight, but cost me my job, family and friends. Yu can read about the entire case in my book “I pride & Prejudice: A Relocation Nightmare” 10676240_962234600473222_2459592732043810990_n[2]We lost everything and have to rebuild in a place that is not our home. It’s not even a place that we recognize as a residence.

It’s a sentence based off of a man who refuses to heal and only wants to cause hurt. The courts bought it and now, we wait. We wait till the clock runs out. Every day is a day that we dream and hope and pray for our freedom.

For our family.

For the ability to Settle and grow roots. Chloe wants so badly to be in her art school in Florida but we are not allowed to relocate yet so we have to live in a state of limbo.

I often feel like I am in a bad Twilight Zone Episode as everything that has transpired just is crazy. I cannot wait for someone to 80669b7397a100e0291bb7677c3b00edcome around the corner and say “Ha, ha! We PUNKED YOU!”. However, as crazy as this journey has been and how much I don’t understand I am acknowledging that this is all too real. The facts in my case are real and the very sad.

It’s clear to me now more than ever that my daughter and I will continue to be mentally abused, threatened and harassed by my ex with no regard to the Laws that are designed to protect us. I have thousands of emails with my ex trying to convince me of what an awful person I am and how he will take my daughter away from me if I don’t do as he demands. The local police do absolutely nothing to protect us either. Evidently, according to the Police officer, my ex’s threats and harassment fall under “Freedom of Speech” and the police officer would lose his job if he were to interfere with that. The latest judge that we had decided to “Teach” me how expensive court is by denying my plea for help and charging me with my ex’s legal fees. This of course is after the 7th District court allowed and acknowledge our poverty level and did not force me to pay the filing fees. Therefore, the 7th District Court has sentenced me to jail time for the inability to pay these erroneous fees. When this finally happens, I hope that the News stations are there to take notice of this action.


Because I asked for help with my ex who is so angry that he acts in an abusive manner.

If you are a woman, I would suggest for you to strongly consider leaving New Hampshire as there is no protection for you here. To Further that, New Hampshire’s laws and antiquated values treat children as a possession rather than a person who falls under constitutional rights. Let’s not forget the inability of the courts to take this case seriously.

However, that is me speaking from frustration and personal experience. Constitution


The Silver lining:

As far as our situation, Chloe and I make the most of our days. Even though we are unable to settle and feel as though we are at home, we still do our best to live every day to the fullest. We work hard at championing for those who need support and we work towards bettering our situation. We have made some new friends and are committed to traveling this summer.

Oh Lord, what adventure waits!

Silver LiningAs for me, I am becoming a better writer and my speech “The Cycle Repeats Itself” is now heard around the world. I have an upcoming speaking tour this summer beginning in Boston and ending in Florida. I continue to ask the state of New Hampshire for changes in laws to prevent our situation for others and I remain ignored. I have 4 published books, 2 in editing and 2 more in draft form. I have a documentary coming out and my daughter has her heart’s desire to publish her own books. So, in all of the pain and drama, we have accomplished much more than expected and I have to actually THANK my ex for all of this. I don’t know if I would have ever been this motivated to help other women like I have if it wasn’t for my experience with my ex, The State of New Hampshire and the local police.

There is always room to grow and heal. I have a lot of healing to do and even though my daughter has been diagnosed with Anxiety and depression because of what happens with her Father, she will get through this as we are together and I will always be her biggest fan. She will always know that I will support her, love her and help her. That’s all I can offer and that seems to be what she needs.

We may not be where we had hoped to be but we will always find the silver lining. We will always love each other and support will always be there. Eventually when the clock runs out, we will finally be doing everything that we have been dreaming of and frankly, those who have chosen to post pone it, will miss out in the long run.IMG_7056


Until Next Time:


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