The Silver Lining



                                      There is always a silver lining to every problem. No body told me that this process was going to be easy, fair or even sane. Starting over and doing it as a single parent is hard work. Its trying. Its frustrating and it has filled my pillow and my shower with many tears. Starting over isn’t simple and sometimes it comes with GREAT loss. I have had to start my career, life and goals from scratch again. ITs scary, exciting, invigorating and yet we are just not “there”. We are on the edge of some pretty amazing things and we get teased by the silver lining as it sparkles in the distance. Sometimes, the shock of the fallout in starting over prevents us from seeing the silver lining right away. I can tell you I am going through some pretty tough times but my head is up high. I am strong and will figure this out no matter how humbled God will make me. Once this book is out and the book tour begins our lives will be forever changed for the positive. We wont have to struggle anymore. Unknown-3                                       I have always worked hard and I have done everything right. I have educated myself, I have kept my nose out of drugs, gangs and ended a multitude of abusive and negative relationships. I focus on my career and my daughter. She is my #1. I take fairly good care of myself and am determined to be successful and as the saying goes “what doesn’t kill only makes you Stronger”.

Well I must be concrete than. 

I have fallen on my knees as of late as Chloe and I struggle to maintain the ongoing legal fees and painful wait to relocate to our home in FLA.  We are now hitting year 4 on this drama and limbo.  We will eventually relocate, but the question is how much more Court can we muster?  We will find out more details in a few weeks what our next steps are and  I am now ready to go public with that situation. Unknown-1                            The Month of May was a troublesome month for us, we just keep getting hit over and over with bad news and money is tight. I am downsizing and trying to get this last edit out to finally get the first  book to sell and start writing the next one which will be all about my experience in Family court. BUT I am deeply distracted with finding more work, packing, painting and trying to keep our home life not in a CHOAS state.                              I can tell you that I am tired but not gonna give up.  We have worked too hard, sacrificed too much just to give it all up now. We are so close to the finish line. The silver lining is there…I can see it sparkle in the distance. I know that both of my books will be a HUGE and I know that once we are moved out of here, I will be able to focus on them again. Trying to balance the Choas and stay a strong mother.  So, we wait for the Courts to catch up with our situation and we wait for the Universe to allow us to move forward in our lives.

 imagesThat too, is a silver lining.

                                    So, while I sat on the phone crying, snot bubbles and swollen eyes, my friend reminded me of all that is about to break wide open and that maybe I should start a GOFUNDME and see if the 75K people who are on my Social Media outlets will support our transition. Why not? It never hurts to ask. So please know that 5$-1 million helps! The link below is the GOFUNDME link to Chloe, Bella and I.

                                We are deeply grateful to get the support from you.  THANK YOU for helping us START OVER


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