The things that BUMP in the night

I am very fond of reading and as a child, I was an avid reader. I loved to read Grims Fairy Tales, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and more. I was reading Shakespear by 4th grade and by 1st, I had already written a 3-page book report on Black Beard. As an adult, I write constantly. What I lack in the technicality of Grammer, I make up for with passion, authenticity, and truth. I share antidotes about life, my observations and mostly my experience. I have no shame, no regrets nor do I find that I am less than Human. I cry, bleed, hurt, love and feel anger just like everyone else. I also get offended, confused and recoil if I am feeling attacked. I am blessed to have many in my life that want to share their views, oppose their opinions and at times, inform me of what I should do differently than what I am doing. That’s part of the learning experience of relationships with others. There are times where I wish it were more of a conversation rather than a demand. However, I accept them in their humanness and realize that in their own way they are giving me their passionate response.

I share my stories to help inspire others to make their changes or simply to embrace the pains of their moment. As humans, we all have some “shit storm” in our lives and if ever so lucky, you will have MANY storms to go through. We all go through something. We are students. I have said this over and over in my writings.



Beautiful. Strong. Valuable. Desireable. Needed.

 I have spent the majority of my life having the most terrible dreams. I sleep maybe 4 hours and then wake up panicked. I roll around in bed trying to quite the loudness of my many worries only to give up and begin my day. There is something that always goes BUMP in the Night. Maybe for me, its all the books I have read that has opened up such bewildering imaginative dreaming. Or my night terrors could be a combination of imagination and reality. The latter, being the most truthful. I also know that even in my wake, there are monsters that roam the streets. There are monsters who want nothing more than to hurt others and my monsters prey on women and children specifically. I avoid the news as much as possible as the things that go Bump in the night are coming out of their hiding spaces and attacking all over the world. The threats, anger, hate, and murderous endeavors fill our  lives,  as of late. Its an interesting time to live in as we are all in a fragile state of mind. The worries of possible WW3 on top of everyday worries have set us all into alarmist thinking.

The fragility of our human emotions are now heightened with even more worries of what goes BUMP in the night. I suppose I am thinking out loud in this blog, merely pointing out that no matter WHO you are and WHERE you are, there are monsters. Do you engage them? Do you fear them? Do you ignore them? Or like many, do you embrace the knowledge that they exist and do what you can to make your word a world that is filled with Light so that the monsters have no where to hide? I am not sure, but as I put one foot in front of the other in My SHIT STORM, I know that I can only walk in love and compassion.

For myself.

                                                          For my daughter.

                                                                                                                                Until Next Time………………..

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