The Truth about Life….


Well, I can only speak the truth about my life but I have come to realize is that it does go on. We do “grief “and we do “angry” and we do “sad”, we do “love” and we do STUPID things. Frankly, that is why its important that we live life! We need to DO and FEEL. We need to learn, understand, embrace, harness and strengthen our selves.

As much as people do not seem to realize, I am going through a lot in my personal life. In this process, I am looking at each scenario as a lesson. This “shit Storm” is a testable and measurable moment that I need to learn. Embrace. Understand. A few years ago, I would have been a babbling mess. Sobbing, helpless, feeling worthless and filled with self-destructive thinking. I find that meditation and retraining my thinking over the years has really helped me get through this painful, and unproductive (in some ways) 6 months. Well, technically 4 years but that is just the beginning of the storm and not the entirety of the items floating in the swirling cloud of “Shit”. The entirety of my story will be in my book “Having Tea with My Skeletons” and I am confident I will have it in your hands, somehow by July 2014.images

We are humans with stories, characters, fears, loves and desires. Sometimes, we keep those hidden or secret. Sometimes we are forced to keep our personal lives secret because of those around us. Sometimes, we fear our desires and don’t know how to express our needs in a constructive way. At the end of the story, there is always a lesson. I love writing out my personal lessons in time line. This way I can see all the SHIT I have already been through, how I was able to move forward and what happened because of my choices. I cannot tell you that I am perfect because I have my share of “Flub ups.” I have my moments where my thoughts run wild. I am human. But what I can tell you, is that I am determined, loving and frankly a lot of fun. I am thrilled to be apart of life and have a much better understanding that compassion with self and others is really the key against judgments or critics. As I become more public, I become more private. All this is as it should be. However, I am and will always be authentic to myself, my personal growth and my needs.

Life-Goes-OnI am often asked how I know anything. I am also privately asked why I share what I do know. I have been told I seem desperate, too happy, too sad or that I am too in love with the Universe. I am told what I am versus asked what I am feeling.  I have been questioned as to how I can motivate others while I am going through my own mini mellow drama. I roll my eyes, as I often do, but this time it is because it seems the concept of “Life Coach” and life eludes most. I guess most seem to think that Life Coaches are some strange Guru who is untouchable to the fate that the Universe, you or God delves. It seems no matter who you are, there is some level of judgment to be had. I have coach friends with Cancer, Ill children, Il Husbands, Abusive Ex’s…the stories are real and go on but the very thought that we do not experience “life” is unacceptable to me. We do but what makes us coaches is that we SHARE that moment and help to empower others because they can relate to us and we are open enough to share our pings, pains and everyday. So, please…understand we are human too.


Until next time…..

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