The truths about Poverty Part 1

us-poverty-resizecrop2                    As I sit here looking at an overwhelming stack of bills, the news reporter states that #perdue will outsource our meat packaging to china causing the loss of 75,000 jobs here in the US. I get sick. My stomach is already in knots due to our loss’s and being forced to live in #poverty. There are #truths to poverty that are rarely told. For example: The Department of Health and Human Services here in #newhampshire deny us any and all help as I do work part time and I finally get a small amount of #childsupport. This is a law that was passed to reduce the amount of fraudulent claims BUT also effects those who really DO need the help. In turn, our homelessness rates have tripled over the last 5 years. @GovernorHassan is “unable” to do anything to prevent these clear abuses of the people of #newhampshire. There is nothing spoken of this epidemic @NHPrimary100. There is nothing to acknowledge the level of poverty anywhere. It is estimated that 1.7 million children live below federal poverty levels. Its is estimated that out of the sinlge parent households in the us 84% are single moms and out of that 84%, 54% live well below poverty and are struggling to get out of it. While our #lawmakers continue to impoverish our people and send jobs overseas.

I do work and work hard. I am educated and driven. However, it’s just not enough to keep up with this stack of bills. I am a full time single mother and I need to bring home at least 600$ to survive. Not to thrive, just to survive. Rents are very high and jobs are very scarce. Most of the job in this area offer 8.33$ per hour. Some offer 10$ per hour. After taking off the 25% for taxes and SS, that leaves a person around $287 or 387$ a week. That barely covers rent that averages 900$ a month, much less power, food and gas to work. So, most people have to work 2 or 3 jobs and this forces the children to go without their parents. BUT then there is a cost to have someone watch your child and that brings your weekly pay down even farther and without resources (we were forced to not have our resources by not being allowed to #relocate in the name of #bestinterest) a single mom is screwed.pobreza-col

I recently interviewed a local food shelf and found that this particular one is very strict as they believe that most of the people that come in their door for help are frauds. This Food Shelf wants to know everything about your personal and financial life which in itself is degrading. I watched a women with her daughter get rejected because she didn’t have the right paperwork for them. Evidently, they were homeless. I was rejected by City Welfare as I wasn’t “their problem” and we were offered a list of homeless shelters that where currently overflowing. Section 8 Housing has a 3 year waiting list and our #senate, @congress, @statehouse and @whitehouse send more of our jobs overseas. Those who #vote to enable this type of action are to me very un-American. We need to support our people, community’s and provide the tools and resources to keep this country going. We are at a point of crisis with the level of increasing poverty. Cutting jobs and programs to keep families off the streets is an #epicfailure and #antihumanitarian.2AB7C8A500000578-0-image-a-2_1437476116398

#eversource is one company that I think is a nightmare. Personally, I think fraudulent in nature. They recently shut down an entire block without notice and forced everyone to pay a deposit more than 3 xs what they actually pay monthly in order to re connect the electric. What I find disgusting about #eversource is that they intentionally #harm families and #poverty is on the rise because of these types of tactics. #eversource does NOT work with the people like #PSNH did. The effect on single parents is staggering. I know that I cannot go out and buy the supplies I need to use Solar Power. I live in Poverty. My ONLY choice is #eversource and they know it. If I don’t find a way to pay them then I could lose my daughter under the guise of “neglect” because I will not have hot water nor a way to keep food in the house.

952716_f520Think about the amount of families that are NOW living #homeless because of companies like #perdue and #eversource. THAT is what my documentary is about. The 84% will focus on this issue and what is being done to help families. I want to fight as hard as I can to reduce poverty and to reduce the amount of jobs that go overseas. Its absurd to think about how many families are impoverished and how hard it is to get out of poverty once you are in. Its senseless in a country that has so much to offer and a clear sign of how #greedy people are. My blood is boiling over this whole #perdue issue and you can bet your bottom that I will no longer purchase #perdue products. You can also bet your bottom that I will be as public about this issues as I can be. Will you join me in helping bring back the #AmericanDream ?

 TO BE Continued………………..


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